If You Have Any Of These 18 Signs You Were Born To Be a Shaman…

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that emerged out of a desire to help people in need. A shaman is a person who is believed to have mystical abilities of healing and communicating with spirits from the other world. In order to connect with the elemental nature, shamans practice divination and enter into a state of trance which helps them gain knowledge about their spiritual existence.

Although most of us may draw a picture of an isolated village and tribal folks when we hear about shamans, but modern people like us may also possess shamanic qualities. The widely celebrated “healers” of our times are probably people with shamanic tendencies inherent in them. With the expansion of the consciousness, shamans encourage deep thinking. Shamans are also exotic, mysterious and eccentric individuals.

If you have these 18 signs you probably have shamanic qualities:

1. You’re genuinely connected to Nature

You feel like you can communicate with your surroundings. The plants and animals seem to speak to you and you are a lot closer to them than human beings. You resonate with the environmental forces.

2. You’re compelled to help people

You believe in helping others although people may end up utilising you for it. You have great hopes for humanity and go to any extent to provide help.

3. You’re a dreamer

Often you transport into another world, a realm of everything wonderful. They almost feel like alternate universes to you.

4. You’re extremely perceptive and intuitive

Being quiet and observant, you are aware of the reality around. You are intellectually and philosophically empowered, helping you to distinguish between genuine and false, and take actions accordingly.

5. You’re a bit of a loner

Unlike others, you don’t constantly need to interact with others to feel good. You’re more at peace with yourself when you embrace the quiet around. The moments you spend with yourself rejuvenate you to get back in action.

6. You’re sensitive

The way you perceive situations is a lot different than others. You are susceptible to experience subtle feelings and emotions that take your breath away at times.

7. You feel lost sometimes

You can never be bound to a place. Your spirit urges you to keep moving, to touch as many lives as you can. Your ideals are so diverse that you end up feeling lost amidst your peers.

8. You feel like you’re a part of the global shift of consciousness

You can feel the change within you. You can identify the subtle developments in the spiritual movement.

9. You’re spiritual

You can sense things that others don’t. You can delve into the depths of otherness, often experiencing psychic phenomena.

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10. You can connect with some animals better than some humans

Being one with nature also leads to having remarkable connection with some animals. It is also a known fact that animals are a lot more accepting and less complicated than human beings.

11. Deep, repetitive noises tend to calm you

Being as perceptive as you are, your mind is always buzzing with intense emotions. Drums and similar instruments help you in connecting with your inner self.

12. You have the desire to significantly change the world in positive ways

You deeply believe that small acts of kindness will lead to huge accomplishments later on. Something of a butterfly effect. You desire to spearhead movements of positivity.

13. You trust yourself to always do the right thing

You never take rash decisions. A lot of thought and consideration goes into whatever you decide to do.

14. You realize that human beings are merely parts of nature

We are as much a part of Nature as trees and animals are. So though others fail to grasp this and harm the environment, you nourish it.

15. You believe that every individual has the potential to do and be good

Every person has the capability to contribute to the welfare of the world and redeem themselves. You wish to show them the way.

16. You realize the importance of walking the walk in addition to talking the talk

‘Practice what you preach’ is your mantra.

17. You can feel your spirit (and everyone else’s)

The shaman in you is connected with the soul and the life essence of people around you. You are aware of your as well as others’ spirit.

18. You’re respectfully humble

A life of humility and discipline can open doors to understanding the enigma that is nature.

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