20 Little Things That Make Difference

Enjoy the little things in life, because when you look back those were the big things. This is definitely true. Everyone looks at the starts, but when they reach them, they see that the way reaching them made them significant. These things happen every day without us noticing that.

I made a list of 20 little things that make difference through the day:

1. Hearing someone snort when they laugh – few times this made me blow juice through my nose.

2. When you wake up thirsty and there is water next to your bed – imagine a wasted night and you unconsciously put 2 liters of water next to your bed. Priceless.

3. Laughing at your own humor – this is very sweet, and because it’s sweet people start to laugh with you.

4. Finishing your research paper and closing the browser tabs one by one – I don’t know how many of you are doing research papers, but the feeling you get when you close the tabs is like throwing pieces of rock from your soul with each tab you close.

5. Seeing people do good deeds – this makes us feel like there is still humanity left in the people.

6. When class lets out early – especially last class on Friday’s or any others day.

7. When you nail a performance you were nervous about – this is making you so self-confident, you start feeling like a big shot.

8. When something you dread gets canceled – this is something similar like closing the browser tabs, but you release the big rock all at once!

9. When your pet chooses to sleep next to you at night – this feeling is more real than any boy/girl sleeping next to you. This is true love.

10. Days when you feel pretty – this is so good nothing can make you feel ugly.

11. A person’s sleepy voice, especially your crush – I’ve started to droll already.

12. Seeing old couples still in love – very warm feeling that fulfills your heart and makes you believe in real love.

13. Successful shopping trips – especially girls will be reminded of that pleasure feeling they get.

14. Eating a watermelon on a hot summer day – Yeah. It’s so good that you need to shower after because you have leftovers in your hair.

15. Licking the spoon after baking – I would say licking the spoon after smearing with Nutella. This will make you smile instantly!

16. Summer evening walks – sun sets, short sleeves, short pants, beach sand …. Cannot continue, sorry.

17. Putting on pajamas after a long day – one of the most relieving feeling that marks end to your day.

18. Wearing your favorite outfit – makes you feel like Brad Pitt and your forehead always has those “cocky” lines.

19. A movie with a great soundtrack – this feeling we will never feel again after the movie so just enjoy while they are combined.

20. Realizing you’ve finished all your work for the day – this is the moment before putting pajamas. It’s like nirvana!

These are just few from thousands of hundreds. If you have some, share in the comments below.

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