6 Ways to Overcome Your Laziness

Laziness may be attractive, but work gives satisfaction. Although, satisfaction is relative term which means fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, needs, or the pleasure derived from it.

Lazy asses won’t tell you that work gives them fulfillment and that’s why we need to twist the term “satisfaction” and start being satisfied with action. It’s very easy to detect if you are a lazy ass.

If nothing productive is going on in your life and you just feel like you lost your spark, definitely something about your perception of life needs to change. You need something to bring you alive again, the old you that you used to be with the spark inside you that shined all around the wide ratio. In case to bring your spark again, I examined 6 ways to overcome your laziness that will put your lazy ass up and gain your productivity back.

1.Focus on your resolution

First and most vital step to begin with curing the illness so-called “lazy-assness” is to focus on your resolutions. What caused you to be lazy? Being tired and exhausted is not included in lazy-assness. You have to find your reason that destroyed your productivity. Believe me, being lazy is a habit. Once it gets you, you will become fully inactive person that no company or anyone around wants. Find your intruder and kill it before it lays eggs.

2. Get busy

Now that you probably didn’t skip step one because you wouldn’t be reading this, it would be smart move to get busy with something. There is always something around you that needs to be organized. Either it’s your bed, kitchen, drawer, event or anything that need simple mind activation. By getting busy you immediately send army of organized soldiers in the brain to kill the intruder.

3. Continuously do the self-talk (not out loud)

By self-talk I mean making conversation with your thought. Mind behavior is very spoiled if you let him do everything. You have to talk directly to your lazy part. Do not say to yourself: I’m so lazy that I cannot even take the remote. Instead, stand up and take the remote. This fact may help you to get the remote – “You are prettier when you are happy and energetic.” More muscles on the face work and your karma radiation is more attractive to the surrounding.

4. Circulate attainable objectives

For this step we need to focus more on our skills and abilities. White chalkboard can help you A LOT in this step. Simply go and write couple of objectives that you want to attain in the future. When you write the things down and they are at your sight at any time, you immediately Activate Your Brain towards that thing. Once the objectives are written on the chalkboard or paper, you need to activate toward them. It’s very important for the objectives to be attainable in near future. They may be something like: I want to earn 400$ in the next 5 days. You cannot be unrealistic and write: I want 2 Million dollars in the next 7 hours because the intruder will be fed with laugh and it will reactivate your lazy-assnes to sit on the computer and do nothing.

5. Check your objectives when you finish them

Automatically, when you know that you have the next step which is “check the objectives” you will feel pressure to finish them. This part is very important. You will feel fulfilled after writing Nike signs nexto to every objective and it will motivate you to do more. It’s great idea for your productivity, but bad for the intruder and lazy-assness.


Last step to overcome your laziness and galvanize the intruder is to simply say to yourself “I CAN DO IT”. Before, you were lying on the bed with half of your stomach out and you were eating munch mallows. Now you clean your room and you even want to organize surprise party for your friends! This means that the intruder is far gone with his suitcases and hopefully he will be on vacation for long. If it’s hard for you to say this to yourself, just watch Nike commercials and I hope they will convince you.

By this Senior Datum you will have the knowledge and step-by-step way to overcome the lazy-assness and to start to be productive. Everything is moving and someone with half of your talent and skill is making more than you just because you chose to “lay down a bit”.

“If nothing productive is going on in your life and you just feel like you lost your spark, definitely something about your perception of life needs be changed”

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