Why Action is Better Than Reaction?

Most of the world population works on reaction. They react on things, either on their parents or on situations. Let’s say you grew up with parents that were doctors for hundred years before you and you want to be professional boxer.

If you react on your parent’s profession, you will fail in your life. Doing what you don’t like is just not right! You punish your mind and soul with things they don’t get satisfied with.

Instead of reacting on your parents you should go and build your own path in life, either its boxing or what so ever job you wish in doing. If you just react on things you will end up getting old and unsatisfied from lived life you never wished to live. The other bad thing you can do is react on situations. This is smaller than reaction on your parents. If someone is arguing with you or trying to get into fight with you, the reaction would be getting into argue or fight with him. This is not the smartest choice to make. Fighting is the lowest level of communication between humans. In my opinion you are smarter than this.

You have been told as young that the smarter always step aside from unneeded arguing and situations. Ego is the problem when we react. When bad situation occur, it’s trying to “save” your dignity and instead of acting the right way, it reacts. Even Jesus used to say “but I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also”. By this example he meant action rather than reaction.

Action Rather Than Reaction

Action rather than reaction is going into the opposite direction. Reaction is to go with the flow with society. If you go the way that everyone does you will never find your happiness in life. Every genius becomes a genius because he got out of society and chose to invent something the others didn’t managed to invent. Action is the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. Taking my first example by being boxer rather than doctor is an act. You do something to achieve an aim you want to achieve.

You cannot react on things the others want you to react or even become. Where can you find happiness in cutting and operating on people if you want to put the gloves and go into the ring? Nowhere. If you become a doctor instead of your dream job, it will reflect on your private life.

You cannot be happy, you are depressed, you’re not willing to communicate and you simply feel like slime. Nothing can make you happy, and if it does its very short time. If someone slaps you in the face if you think this should be done do not react, but act. If it’s slapping back an action then do it! The thing you do is that you need to put the ego aside and act on things in life. Do what you think needs to be done, go the path you think it’s the right for you, instead of going the path that society orders you to go.

“If you just react on things you will end up getting old and unsatisfied from lived life you never wished to live”

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