Beauty and Confidence

Beauty and confidence. These two words has harmed and killed billions of people. They are so powerful that you cannot compare them with any human, animal or any type of weapon in the world. Beauty is just a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight, but confidence is what keeps us progressive.

Now, there are people who have different types of perception. Some people like overweight women some women like overweight men. Also some men like blonds, some like brunettes, and some like redhead and so on and so on.

Many people around the world get disappointed for not being beautiful. This is not a self-argument. We cannot make the mind busy with this kind of stuff. As I mentioned before, it’s just different type of perception. Confidence and motivation is what keeps us going on the right track and has nothing to do with the looks. Every human on this planet has some background for being the way they are. We cannot judge anyone for being fat, tall, skinny, funny-looking, big eared, scarecrow nosed and stuff like this. Because this sentence has been said and read so many times and clearly it has not been stated seriously because prejudice still occurs all around the globe, confidence is getting a spot here. Who can state how you look except you?

This is what you should focus on solving. It’s the man in the mirror we have to convince. It’s just a simple question to be asked by ourselves that can be solved just with one word. YOU. You are the only one who can judge yourself.

You need to find and feel satisfaction and comfort in your body. Not everyone is good-looking Victoria Secret model. Although with hard work I think anyone can become what they desire. Not every Victoria Secret model is just taken from the street and got into the Victoria Secret fashion group and got famous in just one night. They started from beauty schools, got promoted and were climbing a hard-going mountain as everyone else. But I guarantee you that every one of them never doubted deeply that they will fail and not going to make it. Of course every mind has a dark side that activates when it’s the least needed. But what I’m saying is that only confidence, motivation and self-determinism bring success and happiness in life.

These are the only factors that matters. And if you think beauty and none of these numbered factors is going to get you far, I think you are lying to yourselves. It doesn’t matter how you look, sit down think about my words, clear them out, and start adding all of them in your real life, because you will figure out that any type of circumstance that made you nervous and depressed and all kinds of negative feelings is because you stated that in your mind and no one else.

“It’s the man in the mirror we have to convince.”

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