Become Aware !

Awareness is knowledge or perception in a situation or fact. It’s simply the way we perceive things, the way we see things, and the way our brain forms own story about it. Most of the time we act the way we don’t need to, or over react to situations and we cause a negativity between each other. Do you understand how important is to become aware?

Arguments and unacceptable behavior is formed when the awareness or perception of two people cannot find rational ending. There are always two sides in arguments. We always find something to argue about because we don’t see the situation the way the other person sees it. The opposite would be finding balanced common point and clear the bad behavior.

Good relationship lasts between friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, and even between human and animals, because of the good awareness. They find common interest between them and they can chat and make love and simply brag about anything and get along for ages. That’s why it’s scientifically said that when friendship last for more than seven years it’s most common that will last forever. This breaks down my simple theory of awareness.

Every brain forms when we grow up and we all know that. To find true friendship and true love, we need someone who can duplicate our way of thinking. Usually it’s said that opposite way of thinking connects between people just like a magnet. This is wrong. Our body does not work like a magnet as in physics, but it works through vibration. It’s often said that “People Have Chemistry Between Them”.

If we think on the same frequency, we form perfect flow that can grow, and we can simply talk about all types of things and know each other better. We share same form of thinking. It can be same humor, style, gestures and this kind of duplication.

It’s same like sharing one brain in two bodies. This friendship or love forms through time and when it forms entirely, super mind takes it places. Super mind is like 3th person that stays between people even when they are separated. Imagine it like a person that is always between you and your fiend or lover that understands both of your sides of perceptions, and connects them and forms common ending for every argument or disagreement.

Sometimes it takes lot of control to be reasonable. Usually when there is big argument and disagreement people lose control and they create unwise way to express emotions and hurt the other person. Sometimes even the super mind. Every person is sensitive. Once we chose bad words to have our ego fulfilled, or just to insult the other person, it’s hard to wash away these scars.

Wounds on the body heal and Stay As a Memory, but wounds inside the mind never heal and always occupy the dark side of the brain. Every time you want to say something in anger, it’s better to keep it to yourself. Run it or gym-it out because once you awake the dark side of the mind it will never be the same as before.

“Awareness is knowledge or perception in a situation or fact. It’s simply the way we perceive things, the way we see things and the way our brain forms own story about it
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