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“One thing we all adore something worth dying for nothing but pain stuck in this game searching for fortune and fame” 2 Pac said this in the song named “Fame”. This legend had it all right but it’s said in a thug’s way. Being famous means to leave trail after we die. It’s a bit harsh but it’s the truth. If you start to wander with your mind about the meaning of life you will end up with your death, and we often ask ourselves: Why do I live when I’m going to die at the end?

This is not what’s life made for. Thinking what if this what if that. “What ifs” should be deleted from our way of thinking. You will often hear: live life to the fullest! This is leaving trait behind you. Famous people are the ones successful to reach this point. You will be all over the internet, all over the news, and people will miss you because of your profession and private life. But this is not my point. This doesn’t have to be global. It may be in your neighborhood or even in your house. But leave some trait in people and be their future inspiration, simply make life worth lived.

Its vast debate when we come to “make life worth lived”. It may be the most important sentence you need to perceive and start to LIVE! Not everyone lives; instead they just breathe! People are so dragged with the past or some unwillingness that they start to lose progress and action in real life and they don’t seem care for anything.

I’m more than sure that every day you will see some of them on the streets or you know someone in your life. Entire world is ruined for them and they just exist as a body, without self-determinism, action, willingness, and as most important vision. If you have them in your life try to help them. You will be their biggest fan if you point direction that they should be headed.

After graduation we are confused and we often don’t know what we want to become in life. It feels like we are in a middle of a crossroad and we don’t’ know where we should be headed. Just ask yourselves these two questions: How can I become famous if I include my way of thinking and realizing stuff, and what does it take to get there?

Answer these two questions and you may have some start. It may be: Ok I want to become an actor and first I have to go to acting academy, learn to act and start with auditions. That’s an answer and brilliant start! Every one of you will have different answers but take this as an example. Not all of you have to ask these questions but if you find yourselves on the crossroad this can help you get on your feet and start some action. Heal your brain and every piece of the puzzle will fit into your jigsaw.

“What ifs” should be deleted from our way of thinking”

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