Comfort Zone

This is the place called “Hell on Earth”. It’s the most darker and deceit place that any human can fall in. Comfort Zone got very wrong meaning by traveling through time and experiencing new generations.

Maybe it was supposed to be the time before you fall asleep, I really cannot know that, but after some time people used to add the purpose of the word during daylight.Comfort Zone

Actually the meaning of comfort zone these days is staying in a “secure” position with one secure job and trapping your imagination in your presence because you “have” your life secured already and what so ever. Every day millions of people stay at home, do nothing and live life with so less just to go pass through the day alive and their vision is so big that they can make blowing impact for making this world a better place.

This so-called secure life traps them and makes them parasites. The brain have one part which stops you from doing anything out of the borders of normal. This dark part of the brain had broken more dreams than sand stones. It was delivered and build through millions and millions of years backwards, since Adam and Eve.

Through time, because of so many lives lost chasing their dream, the smart organ in the head, formed one part which these days we call comfort zone or “no, no, no” part. Using this part of the brain stops all the people from achieving their dream, it’s this simple. Have you ever experienced that you want to do something exotic but this dark part of the brain said: No come on you may hurt yourself there, stay at home you have everything to survive here without that exotic journey? Maybe not this exact words but It has stopped you from doing it  anyway.

People distinguish by this part. It’s the ones who make things happen (the ones who avoid listening to this part of the brain) and the ones who watch things happen (the ones “safe” at home watching TV and wondering how all the people succeed). The brain is very smart organ and it adopts. The world is full with amusements like: gambling, playing games, surfing the internet, social networking and millions more. Don’t let your mind wander around because they even have science involved in the colors of the casinos to make you believe that you want to gamble. According to the this fact the comfort zone part of the brain has so many attractions that stops you from going out and do stuff in present time. None of the amusements aren’t bad if you don’t overdo them, but if you cave in your dreams because of them, then you are doing life wrong!

If you manage to deliver this word in your real life and live by it, then you must make some twist or reschedule you day and just do something.

Everything and every achievement is very simple task done step by step without shortcuts. When you know this fact you will se that everything that is build in this world is done step by step. Just because you didn’t know the apple company in the past that didn’t mean that it didn’t started from garage and the business just blushed and they gave billions of dollars to the company just like that. Mainly Steve Jobs went through hell if you see the things from aside, but he didn’t sensed that because he managed to do software through his vision step by step and everything seemed simple to him.

Make one YES day once in a  week. If you’ve seen the movie “YES MAN” you will know what I’m talking about. Say yes on everything  except someone saying to you “go kill that man” then you will say no of course. The movie yes man is about removing the comfort zone fully and bringing the mind to the perfect shape for chasing the dreams. Every adventure goes somewhere and everything you do in life brings you in one exact moment that is going to change your life if you grasp it.

“Omnia Kausa Fiund” Is famous Latin sentence which means “Everything Happens for a Reason”. This sentence is my religion, I believe in this sentence. Everything you do in life goes somewhere because of your present time actions, and not just wandering with your mind all over amusement stuff. This world need change and change comes from individuals. I choose to change the world and make it better place people can live life happily because life is all about things that make you happy.

“Through time, because of so many lives lost chasing their dream, the smart organ in the head, formed one part which these days we call comfort zone or “no, no, no” part”

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