Cow Head Story

The cow head story goes:

A family lived outside of urban area in a remote village. They had only one cow. Their lives depended upon the milk from the cow. If there is little milk they eat small portions, if there is lot of milk they eat well.

One day hungry traveler had nothing to eat and saw the house in the village so he knocked on their door for sleepover and shelter. They gave him milk from the cow and fed him. He was so grateful, he felt guilt and he wanted to repay the family somehow but he didn’t know what to do.

He heard that there was some intelligent man living in the village with high reputation about his wisdom. He went in his house and asked him how to help this people who gave him food and shelter? He replied: “Kill the cow”. The guy was so confused and nervous about his reaction he asked again “Why should I kill the cow, they gave me food and shelter?!”. The wise man repeated: “Kill the cow”. The guy went out nervous, but because he had nothing else on his mind of how to return the favor, he sliced the cow’s head.

After one year the same passenger accidentally passed through the village again. He saw new markets, shops and instead of the house he sheltered one year ago, there was hotel build on the same spot. He went inside, he saw the kid in uniform and all happy and smiling and he asked: What happened to the village? The guy replied: “We lost our cow so we had to go out and do something for food. We opened little market and it grew. We started few shops they grew too and we started this hotel and this works brilliant too. Without the milk from the cow we had to start new things”. The traveler was shocked of how the dead cow reflected on their lives.

The Plot

The plot of this story is that people get used to live life with so little that they’re scared to go outside and they live in misery for the rest of their lives. “Yeah but we are secure here”. Its pity how we are not scared from bigger things and we are scared to go, take course of action about small things, and have a little risk to fulfill our dream. Find your confidence and start creating.cow head story

“The ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what the ship is made for”. You are safe home, but you are not made for staying there. There are millions of explanations why you should go out from your home, but it’s your cow that crosses your path to achieving your dreams.

We are made to be curious, to learn new things, to experience, to fail, to succeed, but we are not made to wait the cow to bring milk for us. Make your life count and do not be satisfied with secure life because there is no such a thing as “security”. There is only curiosity and if you follow it there is no way it’s going to lead you into failure.

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