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People judge that’s a fact. They judged since Jesus Christ and they will judge till the last day of worlds existence. Because they have nothing going on in their life and they live empty life fulfilled with interest in every persons aspect except 1st, they may say you are weirdo! This is a fact for their eyes and that has nothing to do with you, but it’s their problem.

Every creative mind that has done vast enormous change in this world has different perspective in life, not just like every ordinary person. They either dress different or act different in public. They simply distinguish themselves from the normal average person. Doesn’t Albert Einstein look a bit funny to you? If you see his overall success you would need to bow every time you see his pictures!

For everyone else that will be strange and they will judge. Mostly people who don’t look average do not think average like everyone else so they may be the next genius that will make the change in the world. How would you feel if he made the new software that brought him billions of dollars and you were the one who passed next to him and laughed in his face about his funny haircut or strange colorful blouse? That guy beat every dream that you ever imagined and you laughed in his face about his outlooks. If you ask me it will really de-motivate me because he is the one who can laugh about my ordinary looks now. Simply that’s just not right.

The ones who cannot fulfill their dream usually start to see the failure in others and drain their dream to drag them down. I’m sure you have presented some idea to some people of no interest and there are always negative reactions. This reactions start to make you like you’ve came up with the worst idea. Even you will be saying to yourself: what was I thinking?

Weirdo for the others or not you know exactly what you want to become in life and what does it take to achieve it. Why would you want anyone opinion if you have mind on your own? Everything is a good idea, but it stays just an idea if you don’t take action and bring it to existence.

There are always pests who want to achieve nothing but to harm you and to ruin your dream. How well motivated and how self-determined you are, are the exact things that bring those ideas into existence. Maybe the guy with funny looking disarray hair had so much self-determinism that he hadn’t even thought about going to hairdresser. He was chasing his dream and  why is that guy taking your interest at all?

Creative minds are the ones who separate failure from success and looking ordinary or not, they make the change in this world. Everyone is different and that’s why every one of us has different fingerprint. Be the creative mind I’m talking about and subside the others. Grasp your dreams and take actions to succeed.

“The ones who cannot fulfill their dream usually start to see the failure in others and drain their dream to drag them down”

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