Definition of Distraction

If you seek the definition of distraction its a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. I wouldn’t state it like this when approaching to a natural talent. However, this is one of the words that will drag you down to the lowest level of failure. This dark sided, evil mashed up word pulled out so much from people talents that outnumbered the ones on the way to the top.

When we are directed toward any given goal or direction, the only thing that can slip us is distraction.

Imaging yourself having a goal to become the most successful rugby player and you are on the right path. You start wining two or three games and all of a sudden you gained some fame and  started chasing girls, drinking alcohol, tobacco, consuming drugs and all this destructive things called “distractions” drag your capability to the lowest level possible.

What happens with your right path? It’s going in opposite direction. On your right way, your motivation broke down, you started steaming your goal and now you are lost on the way. This is only one example.

There was one soccer player I used to know, he was so good and talented, that he didn’t even had to come to the training’s. He just needed to come to the league matches on Saturday, score one up to three goals, and go home and chill for the rest of the week. When he started high school he got into bad company that influenced him with bad peer-pressure. He stared using drugs, going to Trance festivals, consuming ecstasy, and if you knew this guy since I know him, you wouldn’t recognize him. Bright talent with safe and secure future for the rest of his life got burdened with his own defeat.

I want you to grab this definition of the word “distraction”. It’s not so small word like, when you turn your head to see some fine piece of ass while driving a car. Even then you can hit the car in front of you and make colossal damage that has been caused to the both cars just because you chose to look away for a second.

Follow your goals, follow your dreams and NEVER get distracted even for a second, because in just one second, the cursive word we are explaining all the way, might take it all from you and you might never get your dream achieved.

At the beginning I mentioned about natural talent. Hard work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard. Remember this last sentence and never get distracted by anything because when you look back to the day you got born, you have a dream to accomplish that doesn’t know the definition of distraction.

“When we are directed toward any given goal or direction, the only thing that can slip us is distraction”

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