Definition of Problem

Definition of problem is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. It’s an actual obstacle to every goal or situation we want to be in near or far future. If you see it other way around, problems are keeping us alive. Without problems we are dead. Ask yourselves, did you have any day without a single problem? NO. Definitely not.

Even when we wake up the biggest problem is to throw the body out of the bed, and yet we do it 365 days a year! It’s great that we have them. The biggest issue with problems isn’t having them, but its not solving them. If we let the problems grow old we are going to accumulate even more of them.

Now, there are big types of problems like ram shackling a million dollar company or smaller like getting out of the bed. Both of them need to be attacked. By attacked I mean faced, challenged, and confronted. Define attack whatever you like, but face the problem. Let’s say you have brilliant idea about your company, but you are so afraid of presenting the idea to the boss that you are scared you will screw it big time! This idea may bring millions to the company. But you are so terrified of failure that it becomes an obstacle that can affect your future and even ruin your life. Fear is the problem, not your brilliant idea. This is called an abberative mind but I’m not going to talk about it now.

Always do what you truly feel that is best for you. I know how the mind reacts to these situations. It’s saying in a small silent voice: Don’t do it, it’s safer like this. If the boss gets mad you are screwed and you can get kicked out of the job! This voice which I call “safe voice” it’s the worst part of the brain. At first is keeping you safe, but dragging you so down that it’s making you stay in four walls with no success but it feels like “safer” there.

Don’t let this voice make you “safe” slave and make you live ordinary like every person that is satisfied with little. Go out DO stuff make stuff be successful. At the end of the day there are three types of people: Those who watch things happen those who make things happen and those who ask what happened? Which do you want to be?

“The biggest issue with problems isn’t having them, but its not solving them”

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