Desire to Know

Desire to know and discover new things motivate us to keep going in given direction in life. By the motive we have to discover new experience and to have skill and know-how in the things we are interested we start to grant maturity in things and that’s how people get old and start to act different and mature.

Usually the ones who walk in one direction and never get distracted by finding answers for questions they don’t need,  get specialization for their interest and have process in life. The ones who do get distracted with different sort of things, for example bothering with someone else’s life or measure their financial status with someone else, never seem to have process in life, like going into quicksand.

It is very simple if we get it this way. Measuring stuff with someone else will always distract our vision and make our dreams blurry. As you scan the other persons status or beauty or anything that don’t need to be even two seconds in your mind, you instantly transfer your energy and time into his life. Of course if you are his personal agent you need to do this stuff, but in 99.99% percent in the case you are not.

First we get born, we have the desire to know everything and to experience, then we get older and by gathering stressed situations, our brain start to create the “safe zone” that keeps you away from the danger situations.

If you are sort of adrenaline junkie and your body and mind get satisfied with parkour or doing backflips, you will never get the knowledge how to do it if you listen to this bad part of the brain. That’s why when you were young you’ve fallen down a lot and got those everyday knee wounds. Your “safe zone” part of the brain is still not formed and that’s why when we grow up we always bring memories from childhood, instead of making new ones in maturity.

Things and situations get meaning from us. If we are hundred percent sure that we can do that backflip on solid ground there is no one who can tell us we can’t, but it’s our brain who judges. No one get disappointment from things they done, but they gain experience. The ones who didn’t do things they were supposed to do usually fall under depression and eat themselves from inside and saying “why didn’t I do this, why didn’t I do that?”.

Life is made to experience, not to stay comfy and be plant-like person. Kids know and think wisely with desire to experience, but those years that every body count are nothing but numbers who make stress to people and give them code for living. Stress is situation that our brain consumes as not right and makes the body dysfunction that is resulting in illness. If you start to learn new medicine, it’s always placebo effect that cures our illness. The brain is so powerful we cannot even imagine what is capable of, but our environment slows this process and makes us limited that results and protects us from experience.

“Things and situations get meaning from us”

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