Let Go of the Past

Everyone, maybe 90 percent of the world’s population is stuck in the past. This is enormous number of people who are not on the right path in life. Being stuck in the past is life spend in darkness. Just let go of the past! You cannot let the past hunt your present and future, just let it go and start being aware.Most of the accidents in the world happen because people are not in the spot with the mind. They are cruising and wandering in the past with some situations and things they cannot change. There is still not invented time travel so you have to let it go.

Letting go can be difficult. It weighs on the soul; it’s like caring fifty pounds in your lungs. Any decision you made in the past: bad ideas, letting go of people, expectations, desires; letting go of bad habits, false beliefs and unhealthy relationships cannot be unchanged with just thinking. This kind of stuff cannot be undone, but can be fixed in the present or in the future. Thinking about the past can’t change anything, just spending your time (which is the most valuable and unrenewable resource) and can even cause you some bad sickness.

All sickness and illness comes from bad thoughts. When the bad stuff goes through our mind, the body adapts to it and even our facial expression change. We don’t have the good vibrations we used to have and the system stops. It’s not working properly. Bad taught s is same as virus. You download the virus somehow; your computer is slower and can even damage some of your parts inside. Luckily in the electronic world parts can be changed easily. But in real life if some parts get damaged we cannot change them.

Even thou it can be explained intellectually, it’s very difficult to set this knowledge in your way of living. Knowing it and doing it are very distant connotations. I know people know every detail of “how to let go of a past” and they still check their ex-girlfriends on the social network, even after three years from their separation. That’s why people are separated in three groups: There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. If you don’t make things happen you are in misguided direction and afterwards you will wonder what happened. That’s because you were so stuck in the past, you lost all of your self-improvement in the present that you couldn’t make anything happen in the present nor the future.

Couple of ways to relief from the past always worked for me. First try to breathe deeply for ten times and re-establish the flow in your body. Second, go towards the understanding part in the situation.

See it like a 3th person view with no judgments over the situation, like you are from the group I mentioned before, the ones who watch things happen. Understand the situation and just put it in your experience box. That’s where it belongs because the person you are now is because of the past experience. Someday you may be millionaire and even billionaire.

You can make a formula out of it. Previous experience + present effort and self-determinism + little foresight in the future = life you always imagined. If you use this formula in your life, not just knowing it, you will succeed.

“Being stuck in the past is life spend in darkness”

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