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Yes, yes and YES! Music is the thing that emphasizes our happiness or sadness and brings us memories. Our playlist is related to our present feeling. If we are happy we would probably play Happy from Pharrell Williams, and if we are sad, we would listen “I will always love you from Whitney Houston”, couple of sad songs from Brian Adams and so on and so on.

It just goes with the flow. Those vibrations that music sends are so touchy and invisible, that only feels can describe them and sometimes couple of tears. This is the magic that music inspiration make. We just don’t play happy music when we are sad. The mind with the help from our hands is choosing the playlist. Music is hardly organized thing connecting one or more artist that is a combination of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.

When we attend to any type of concert we can feel those vibrations. It’s just like a wave of happiness blowing through your body and activating every emotion, depending on the song type. If any artist you like is making a concert in your town or near, and you are capable financially, you shouldn’t doubt and go enjoy the night. This is a boost of happiness that’s going to keep you motivated for a couple of days, and of course the ones who didn’t manage to come, you will definitely try to make jealous.

It’s always like this, going to concert for a couple of hours making tons of pictures, making check-in on Facebook or at any social network so the people know you are there and bragging about it for weeks! But this is not a bad thing. We are just trying to expand the happiness that’s been assembled.

In my opinion, if a human is not listening to any type of music or can function without it daily, they might miss some spark in their life. This is flow of vibrations that is making the body work in harmony. Even sometimes when we listen to different type of songs we can get inspired to be creative in a certain way and even start some business, only because it activates the action trigger in our brain and we get mashed up creative ideas in our heads. And of course sometimes we are making the mistake and we call the ex, and look at old pictures relating them and making sad non-existing scenarios.

Anyways, most of the people define music as a relaxing thing and helps them decrease stress that’s been caused and aggregated at work. Also it emphasizes emotions and makes a big deal out of them. Let’s say you lost your bird, and you add some bad music on it and you start making scenarios in your head how your family is dying in a tragic accident and you stay alone in this world, crawling for a couple of dollars to eat some dirty old bread, and after one minute of fantasizing we come back to normal, face that only the bird is gone and we continue living.

“Music is the thing that emphasizes our happiness or sadness and brings us memories”

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