Self-Improvement Ideas

How do you self-Improve and can we get self-Improvement Ideas? Well that’s a vast motive for discussion. Finding your inner self may be the hardest task you’ve ever done. But after finding  your true self you finally realize what you want to become in life, what you are meant to do, what you are born to do.

Distractions are the first obstacle of finding your inner self. By going out to the store we get distracted by millions of stuff like birds, cars, people, wind, and every kind of noise. The must thing we need to do is to give ourselves time to know our inner satisfactions. How can we achieve that?

Every day we change our mind. We want to become everything (literally) and we subside from our real task. Some days we trick our own brains and think that only money can brings us true happiness and we instantly forfeit from our dreams. Only small amount of strong-minded people start from the beginning and go for what they are truly meant to work, grant treasure, happiness, and lot of other positive vibes. Unluckily, most of the people don’t have this motivation as they were kids and they lurk and dig for it.

By growing up we form character. This shaped mind called character knows exactly what we want to become in the future, but it got so many distractions that we force the mind to wander all around. It’s hard, really hard to remove the distractions and have a mind of your own, but it’s the first thing before we truly start enjoying. People say that when you start working what you love is like you’ve never worked a day in your life. This is true happiness. In case to gain this knowledge we need to start working and subside the distraction from every angle.

If it was this simple everyone would do it. So far I learned that life gives you tests. These tests are the obstacles I mentioned before. If you pass the obstacles and remove your whirling mind, you will bring your awareness in present time and the present time is where the magic happens. We will face lots of opportunities, but it’s us who needs to grab them. It’s so sad when the opportunity slips through our hands but at the end of the day we are the ones who let it slip because of some irrelevant problem that doesn’t even exist.

The mind is very selfish organ. It gives us so many distractions just to be satisfied. He keeps himself busy all the time and he does not care about your dreams. He even gave himself the name! You need to beat that distractions and try to be more in present time. If you examine all the accidents they’re because people are either drunk and their reflexes are slowed, or they are not really HERE in present time. Our Bodies are perfectly shaped and formed made to buckle every dangerous situation IF the mind is here.

Self-improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts. The only person you should try to be better is the person you were yesterday. If you follow this no army or weapon can stop from completing your dream.

“Distraction is the first obstacle of finding your inner self”

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