Traveling And Its Benefits

The most adventurous thing that a human can do, especially if you are the traveling type of a guy. Most of us are, but those who aren’t often hate the luggage and unpacking on every stop. Speaking from personal experience, I LOVE traveling and fulfilling myself with knowledge and culture, but I hate that unpacking, travel torture and exhaustion. As I get older I start to look at the good sides of traveling and the body torture and unpacking fades. Anyways, traveling reveals the bright side of the brain or so called productive part.

You cannot experience the worldwide culture and living style just by staying in your hometown and enjoying the comfort and warmth at home. We have to get out and start the adventure. Every one of us has some dream town or country that they would like to live in in the future. Just collect the money and visit it. It’s that simple. What can stop you? Unless you killed a man or made a fraud and you are in jail!

When we start to look business-wise, we think that everything already exists and there is nothing new that can be produced. This is as wrong as if you think that when you flip a coin, it will stay in the air and beat the gravity law! If you look fifty years before nothing existed. No phone, cars, planes, anything. Nowadays we cannot function without these stuff. It’s the same now you just have to travel in the other countries and start looking wider.

It’s the Comfort Zone that we should hate. It makes us stay in one place and feel like we are fine and good with limitations. It also blocks the productive part of your brain. What’s really bright in the brain is released when we start the adventure OUT of the comfort zone. I feel really bad for people that live stuck in their life and the ones that are afraid to go to foreign countries, but inside their eyes you can see that they have very bright un-revealed ideas, and yet they are going into quicksand and make no production while time is passing by, the most precious and un-renewable resource.

I prefer you think about my words and start collecting money in the moneybox. Every one of you have the power To create and be productive you just yield this bright parts to the dark side of the brain. No new ideas come to you while you sit at home. You really need some walk around the world, maybe some work and travel program. Think of a country, specific town in that country, collect the money, and go and visit it and see what happens. I guarantee that there can be no harm. Only knowledge and vast experience for your brain that are going to help you reveal the good side.

“What’s really bright in the brain is released when we start the adventure OUT of the comfort zone”

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