What Alcohol Does to Your Brain Makes You Think Before You Drink [Video]

Alcoholic beverages or booze have been consumed by people since prehistoric times for a variety of hygienic, dietary, medicinal, religious, and recreational reasons.

It might be legal, but it’s still a drug. We must know our limits.

We cannot judge if it’s right to drink or not, but we must know our boundaries, and if we don’t, I’m positively sure that we will regret it afterwards.

We begin to drink to release our mind from tension and we feel more comfortable with the surroundings.

It’s the blood alcohol concentration or BAC to why we are affected by alcohol. Basically, your blood alcohol concentration is the relationship of the total amount of alcohol in your system divided by total body water, because alcohol is dissolved and diluted in water.

That’s why it’s a smart to drink a lot of water when we consume any type of booze.

Our bodies needs around 24 hours straight to process and get rid of the alcohol and driving and operating equipment in those 24 hours is not only illegal, but it’s also not so clever idea. When we ingest booze, the alcohol dissolves, heart pumps it all around the body, and in the nervous system. This is the reason why we feel light headed or relaxed even after the first drink.

It slows down the nervous system between the nervous cells in the brain which is why we feel effect over our emotions, judgment, balance, memory, speech and anger levels. These are just few of the effects.

Our brain develops until 20-25 years. If we excessively slow down the nervous system we can do some irreversible damage to our various parts of our brain and to lot of others. I don’t want to sound like a booze dealer, but consuming small amounts of alcohol is even healthy (1 glass of red wine a day).

I personally had harsh accident while driving drunk and I’m lucky that I stayed with a few scratches. It is slowing the brain and nervous system as I explained before. By this connotation the body cannot react fast in the surrounding.

From excessive consumption of alcohol it’s even hard to walk, and imagine that some people drive their cars dead drunk in that metal killing machine. So just be safe, be sensible, know your limit and “Think before you Drink”.

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