3 Must-Know Guides for Fitness Enthusiasts

By participating in the gym for 8 years, 5 years of kick-boxing, 1 year of UFC, I’ve noticed 3 fatal mistakes from the fitness enthusiasts. This is a must-know guide without exceptions and it can be used for various activities that acquire body engagement sports.


Did you know that the number one source of all infringements is not warming up? Can you imagine the shock your body obtains when you insert a lot of weight without warming up? Picture your body like a car. If you start the car in the morning and drive instantly without waiting the rev counter to lower the turnovers, you will most probably have engine dysfunction in the near future. The engine needs to breathe and heat up. It hasn’t been started for 8+ hours.

It’s the same story with our body. Blood flow is slow, heart pump less beats, no signs for body activation, and no oiled-up joints and muscles. By warming-up we increase body and muscle temperature which makes the muscles loose, supple and pliable.

I know warm up is the dullest member of the family, but it’s a must, unless you want sore or strained muscles (the least you can get from lazy-a*sness).


The first and most preventable good-looking killer is not extending the muscles during repetitions. It’s really bad habit and I had it until 3 years ago. When I changed to full extensions my body transformed 180 degrees on the legitimate way. People are greedy for numbers. They want to brag for higher numbers rather than good looks. Just resolve your fitness objective. Is it good look or higher number to gain respect in the environment? It’s even baloney to ask this rhetorical question.

Full extension during repetitions allows the muscles to formulate in the right place with full capacity. Without full extensions you will look stiff and achieve not-so-flexible attribute. Next time when you work out remember, either satisfy with fake numbers or be the guy who gets fingers pointed at him on the beach!


I want to describe the overall cause of stretching. Our body produces lactic acid to help us in case we cannot get enough oxygen but we need extra amounts of energy to power our muscles.

Since this acid forms and supports the muscle to receive oxygen, it causes muscle fatigue and soreness. Stretching after a workout helps to reduce muscle fatigue and removes this acid. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles are warm and you gain from increased blood circulation. Stretching will help your muscles to recover faster from a tough workout.

Muscle soreness is one of the reasons that many people skip exercising. When you stretch, the likelihood is much higher that you will proceed with your next workout and prevent future injury. Even though it’s beneficial for the body, it also assists the psychological benefits. The mind-body relation is essential for relaxation and stress relief.

Stretching is noted to calm the nerves and relax the mind. Also, in the cool down portion of your workout is a very healthy practice for both, the body and the mind. People usually finish the last set and emerge directly in the changing room. I know it’s so monotonous to stretch after you wasted almost all durability, but it’s fundamental for profiting for both, mind and body.

Since you know the crucial manners of how to apply the 3 must-know guides for fitness enthusiasts, you will be able to look stunning for your boyfriend/girlfriend and all of the surrounding that you desire to have higher opinion of you, and remember 3 fundamental taglines:

“Numbers don’t count, looks does”

“Warm up not to dysfunction your body”

“Stretch to remove the unwanted rebellious acid that causes muscle fatigue and soreness”

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