How Does The Brain Function

The brain is the most magnificent and complex organ throughout the whole body. It’s the master mind of our body and it gives us commands on reactions, awareness of the surroundings, and all that is connected with you. No sensory organ would work if the brain was not up there in the head, that smart little rascal!

The brain is formulated from three main parts: forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. Especially in higher vertebrates the forebrain is the main control center for sensory and associative information processing, visceral functions, and voluntary motor functions also called – prosencephalon.

The midbrain acts as a relay information system for the auditory, visual, and motor systems of the body.

And the last of this boring anatomy of the brain comes the hindbrain which controls basic functions like breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Now that you have some idea of the anatomy and brain function, you can see that everything is controlled by the rascal up there.

Now comes the “10% myth”.

Normal human (not Albert Einstein) uses only up to 10% of his brain which is enormously slight if we compare it to the other 90%. It’s been said that people could become wizards and move object with the mind if we use all 100%. That would be really interesting, or not?

By adding few books, practice, plus all there is connected with “using the brain” and activating it during the day, we can expand those percentages. Use this as a tip to grab some more information and overcome the competition.

Another tip that can boost your brain and make it more aware is to take a quick walk around or exercise for about 20 minutes just before having test or any type of project. You can also jump rope or take a quick run-in-place exercise. How is this going to help me, instead I will be sweaty on work or during the exam?

Believe me, a Nivea stick can save your smell, but it’s better to show some results with a bit of sweat under the armpit than to have horrible results. If we activate the logical part, which is the left hemisphere, we can grasp that it is so simple and understandable that the brain function better when it’s activated.

When we take a walk, or do the exercise part, we accelerate blood flow in our body and immediately send food to the “little rascal” up there. With food everybody is happy, active and energetic. Same goes for the brain. Don’t forget to exercise any time of the day because it releases serotonin or simply said “the feel-good” chemicals. You don’t have to wait for test or any project, either.

If we cut the brain into two symmetrical parts we will get the left and right hemisphere. Although they are equal in size, they carry different functions. It is tricky that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. Left side of the “little rascal” is responsible for our creativity and art while the right side is authoritative for logic, such as science and mathematics. I guess those crazy mathematicians and science freaks are all left handed!

“No sensory organ would work if the brain was not up there in the head, that smart little rascal!”

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