How to Motivate: Getting Struck By a Meteor

My obsession with answering both questions: “How this world was made?” and “Are we formed by revolution?” came across one documentary made by National Geographic Channel. It is called National Geographic: The Story of Earth.

It’s clearly visualized how the world was created from humble beginnings since it was little tiny rock. I think my visualization will answer both question and add a motivational instigator.

Before the meteors struck, this world was formed and it looked like the sun. Near the ground it was over two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. By this fact we can’t imagine people walking on earth’s surface.

Breaking down to my point, I wanted to state that before the meteors struck carrying water, carbon, minerals and primitive protein made from amino acids, this world was uninhabited and deserted. The meteors impact was essential part for the creation of planet earth. It’s something that the world inherited before the process of revolution evoked.

I don’t know about your proficiency regarding outer space, but the universe is looking similar as a brain cell, the birth of a cell is similar as a death of a star, and the eye is looking like a nebula.

It is clear proof that every animal and every human walking on this earth is combination of something coming from outside. Something that existed outside and resolved to form exactly here on this Planet Earth.

Wandered as I was watching this documentary it came to me that the wealthiest and most successful person on this earth gets struck by these meteors. Well, not the way the earth got struck because we wouldn’t be alive, but getting struck metaphorically.

We have mind-set and different judgment towards environment, and simply stated, how this world looks from different individuals. Some look at things poorly and they are poor, some look successfully and they are successful. The difference is the clear picture of this world and its surroundings.

You probably have heard the stories of how this billionaire was very poor and he made billions, how some random guy tried to kill himself and the gun stopped so he fulfilled his dream, and lots of other stories.

Well, to tell you honestly, I think these guys/girls got struck by meteors. The meteors that struck planet earth and brought life. The ones caring the water, carbon, minerals and protein. The life and the first plant were born in their bodies.

They started building something, forming, making process, and started contributing for this environment. Started making companies about raw food, building the new car driving on solar energy, making the new air conditioners, and all through course of action they successfully painted the real picture from their heads.

The problem is that some of us avoid these meteors, and evade its impact over. We think poorly. We are satisfied with one piece of bread, and on the other side, our minds are so colorful that we can eat caviar three times a day!

I want to see the people living a successful life instead of inheriting bad personalities as greed, dishonesty, being careless, evil, chaotic, intolerant, and aggressive. These people will never get struck by the meteors; instead they will bring nothing but obstacle in the improvement of society.

They say “an ugly personality destroys a pretty face”. DO NOT inherit these personalities. See the meteors coming directly to you and make this world a better place instead of bitter. We have enough of the “wolfs” in our food chain who are nothing but vermin in the wilderness.

Image: source one, source two

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