Steve Jobs: The Extraordinary Life

It’s been 2 years 4 months and 6 days since the world lost one essential legend. The legend who transformed the ordinary fruit into company worth billions of dollars. He lived the most extraordinary life a man can perceive.

Steve Jobs struggled in school. He didn’t like school because he knew he had something additional, something more than the written knowledge. After the first semester Jobs dropped out of school which led him into the biggest life accomplishment : The Macintosh software and Apple computers.

Its pity to say that he didn’t use the knowledge from school, but his life journey made the technology that most of the world relies on up to this day. Jobs once told that taking LSD was one of the two or three most important things he ever did in his life. He told that this psychedelic drug open his mind and made him see the world from another perspective.

This legend had one clever statement. No matter what happens in your life struggles in school (as he had) or an unsuccessful career path (as he obviously didn’t have) every aspect will somehow help you down the road.

During the interview in 2007 on D – show, Steve gave his dazzling statement that goes:

You need a lot of passion for what you’re doing because it’s so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up. So if you are not having fun doing it, if you don’t absolutely love it, you are going to give up. And that’s what happens to most people, actually. If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, often times it is the ones who love what they do, so they could persevere when it got really tough.
And the ones that didn’t love it, quit. Because they are sane, right? Who would put up with this stuff if you don’t love it? So it is a lot of hard work and it is a lot of worrying constantly. If you don’t love it, you are going to fail.

However, actions bring consequences and his consequence was apple computers. Can you imagine this astonishing attainment made by a group of people led by this legend? Of course we can imagine but imagination will bring us nowhere except we take actions.

Not long after Jobs did engage at Homestead High School, he was introduced to his future partner, Steve Wozniak, through Wozniak’s friend. Steve Wozniak (his name mate) was attending the University of Michigan at the time. In a 2007 interview with ABC News, Wozniak spoke about why he and Jobs combined so well: “We both loved electronics and the way we used to hook up digital chips, Wozniak said: “Very few people, especially back then had any idea what chips were, how they worked and what they could do. I had designed many computers so I was way ahead of him in electronics and computer design, but we still had common interests. We both had pretty much sort of self-reliant attitude about things in the world.”

After Jobs dropped out of school he spent 18 months or (year and a half) on creative classes. Later on he took a position as a video game designer at Atari. Knowing that he had something that cannot be revealed unless he opened up his mind with psychedelic drugs, he left Atari and went on a journey to India to experiment with the drugs and became Buddhist.

After returning from India Jobs (age 21) fused with his name mate Wozniak and started Apple computers in the legendary garage. After not-so-good impact with the first Apple computer, they made Apple 2 that had major impact and they made it extremely popular.

Apple went public on December 12 1980 with 1.2 BILLION dollars on the first day. In the next few years lost its market share to IBM. By 1985 Apple computers forced Jobs to resign. Once Jobs was forced out of Apple he picked himself up pretty quickly, he grabbed the people he wanted to involve in his new company named NeXT. They started building the new company.

Steve bought Pixar animations which made him the CEO while still actively developed his company. NeXT was an American computer company headquartered in Redwood City, California, that developed and manufactured a series of computer workstations intended for the higher education and business markets. Everything that apple had including the operating system, the design had its origins in next.

Later on Apple purchased NeXT in 1986 and eventually returned Jobs to CEO his software called Next step evolved into MAC OS 10 which led to apple technology revolution.

The iPhone is single most important device of the modern era. It is the smart phone which is this all-in-one device and so it is conceptually the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad.

What apple really has done is raised the world awareness of design and functionality. People look at things thins and it’s like they MUST have them, and once they have them they love them, just like an addiction. In 2011 Forbes magazine named apple the most valuable company in the world.

Following the same year, the long battle with pancreatic cancer, the unforgettable legend lost his life.

The twisting story that Steve Jobs lived is proving that one man along with his managing skills and exceptional master-mind can make impact over the world with very firm determinism and vision with no boundaries. He survived through deep mud and was exposed to high pressure, and yet all the roads he went led him into his own creation, the Apple Computers.

“If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, often times it’s the ones who love what they do, so they could persevere when it got really tough”


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