The Story Behind Peer Pressure

This is something that ruins your own being. Peer pressure is influence that a peer group, observers or individual exerts and encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform the group norms. It collapses your existence by flowing into the river with the other drops of water.

Imagine sheep going outside of the herd. It’s same as people. Everyone lives under the control of the government and they dictate every rule. Instead, if we want to go out and make more value than everyone else we need to find a way and avoid flowing in the herd with everyone else.

When we get older we need to face the peer pressure one way or another.. We will always need some advice from our closest friends which is also pressure. They plant their way of thinking and make decisions for you.

Pressure can be good or bad, it cannot be avoided. One way or another communication with our friends will pressure us. Sometimes peer pressure can be good and motivational. Let’s say one of your best friends is good in business planning. This guy can teach you how to make business plans and even model your destiny.

When peer pressure is bad, your friends can convince you to skip classes with them or to light up a cigarette or even use drugs. This is opposite of motivation or it can be told that its motivation about going downhill in the destruction area. It’s forbidden and medically proven that drugs are bad for people. Always peer pressure is cause that makes us consume these materials that destroys our body, future and even our closest family.

Most of the people are given in to the peer pressure because they want to fit in society, they want to be liked, or maybe they are afraid that they won’t be liked if they walk alone. Others are curious because the other group may be the “big shots” in the society they live in and they want to be seen the way society sees those “big shots”.

Imagine you want to be clown in society and you want to attract attention and you jump from the second floor from some building and fell down on solid ground. It may be fun to them for couple of seconds, but you will hurt yourself for life! This is definitely going to “drag more” in life that’s going to bring.

If we want to deal with peer pressure we have to learn to say “no” to everything we have sense it’s going to “drag more” than “bring more” in life. First we fit into society, do the bad things and consume the bad habits, then we grow older and give all our energy to cancel those bad habits and we only see that one “no” in former times could save us lot of time.

“Pressure can be good or bad, it cannot be avoided”

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