Technology Made Us Bound

Have you asked yourself what’s the last time you woke up and it wasn’t by pressing the start button on your computer, opening your laptop or looking at your phone (except it was your grouse alarm)!?

The technology is all around us, technology made us bound! We cannot function without it. It has to be around us or we will lose our minds. It’s the least curable virus. We have to start appreciate the things that are not connected with portable power. Things are happening here and now and we are looking at our social networks for no reason. I don’t know how many times I sit with my friends in coffee shops drinking coffee just to make simple conversation and they chat on the social networks via phones or tablets or they take a photo from the meal to share it on Instagram. It’s just not right.

The thing we can do is to reason ourselves by avoiding the phones during the day. First phone was invented for calling and messages, not to distract people from reality. It should stay that way except your business depends from the social network which in most cases doesn’t.

It’s easy to say but it’s a habit and we know habits are not quite avoidable, but they drag our attention hundreds of times a day. It is very tricky obsession because we actually do not agree that we have it. If somebody tells you that you are on the phone all the time you are pissed off and you don’t want to accept it. It’s same when unexpected phone call wakes you up and you lie the person that you weren’t sleeping.

By some studies an average person check the phone for about 110 times a day. That’s about average people and not about addicts. You can imagine what would be the number for an addict!

It’s a good sign when we are aware of the addict on time. As long as you avoid the fact that you are an addict it will be harder to quit. There are a couple of things we can do to avoid phones and technology during day and night. We have to put some type of regime when (NOT TO) use the phone. For example:

No phone during socializing with people (and I mean real people here and now)!

No phone and technology during small breaks (for example going to the store).

No phone during driving (except on a big RED traffic light).

No phone usage during lunch or family time (except its important phone call and your girlfriend/boyfriend is not one of it unless you are waiting for a baby!)

Use your phone when you are not dealing with reality. I don’t want you to throw your phones off the window, but be more here rather than inside the screen. It will be hard in the beginning but if you overcome it you will see that there is the various type of opportunities around you happening all the time and you waste them on social networks and checking your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends.

Life is so beautiful to be surrounded by technology. It has so many natural beauties and lovable memories happening all the time that no screen can replace. Do not abuse your phone, get your present time together and make better living out of it!

“We have to start appreciate the things that are not connected with portable power”

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