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Are you aware that the biggest difference between the wealthy and low-class people is mind set? You don’t need to solve riddles to answer my question, but one simple yes will do. As I finished reading “The Secret” I blew hands full of water in my face and started realizing. It’s all about your way of visualizing your own certainty. Even though the book emphasizes and gives accent on how the pieces are going to fit in the puzzle just by having good thoughts, I must say I disagree on that.

Nothing happens just like that. It’s senior datum that happiness attracts more positive vibes than no happiness, but it does not mean people are going to throw money at you because you look happy. Quite the opposite. If you are not able to sustain your happiness they will to suck it from you like a mite! It sounds cruel does not it?

Cruel or not that’s reality and we circle around it 365 days a year. My reality is for to grasp it and try to control it. Imagine if all the people in this world had happiness, money, and simply wealth. Do you think everybody will try to screw you then? Of course not, because having piece of bread wouldn’t be a problem and also I’m not saying nobody won’t. People are not born with the need to rule the world but considering that they were fallaciously ruled as they grew up either by parents, older brother/sister, teacher, police, government and millions of people who have the power to deliver artificial intelligence, they reprogram themselves and become I-must-rule complex.

Consider knowing very little of the vast reality in this world we can reverse our mind set and start thinking wealthy. As Jordan Belfort says “Money is a problem that has to be solved” I say reprogram yourselves and start thinking wisely. I have made few questions that will direct you on the road again:

Where am I now? – Have visualization where your overall situation is and direct yourself throughout the changing phase.

What does it sacrifice to take a step to my dream? – Even if it means you cannot keep your dog anymore you HAVE to start taking steps to your vision. Time is limited since we still have no cure for getting old!

Do I want to be wealthy? – This was a rhetorical question.

Am I able to deal with all the stress in achieving my dream? – You better be prepared to intoxicate your being because that’s what it takes to achieve your dream. Mahatma Gandhi said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

What’s going to cost? – Well at first it will be single step but as you get deeper it may cost your life. There will be stress, pressure, sicknesses and millions of unpleasant feelings. But let me remind you that this is reality and life is not meant to lay in your bed, but to get out and try to deal with the unpleasant feelings.

By answering these questions you will see that you were not aware of reality because reality is so muddy, dusty and graveyards full of corpses without their dreams fulfilled that you cannot imagine. Suit up, man up, girl up, give your dog, and every sacrifice you need to do to twist this reality because I don’t ever want to see corpse going underground without their vision fulfilled and neither do you.

“Reality is so muddy, dusty and graveyards full of corpses without their dreams fulfilled that you cannot imagine”

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