14 Quick Ways To Happiness

The most important road is the road to happiness. All the money, all the girls/boys, all the satisfactions, all the hobbies we do and follow, are to gain one thing that is often repealed, happiness.

You see false statements, lies, frauds, power, and evil things that can bring momentum satisfaction. It is not grasped that these things are far from happiness, and that truth and virtues stay forever, while the lies cannot walk far.

Truth can stand alone, for it needs no chapter one or escort. Lies are cowardly, fearsome things that must travel in battalions. They are like a lot of drunken men, one vainly seeking to support another. Lying is the partner and accomplice of all the other vices.

There are lot of theories that can reveal what is happiness, but sometimes theories are insignificant and often we think too much about it, while the happiness is one step away.

Here are 14 Simple Ways To Happiness and remember, “Happiness is a choice”.

1. Go for a walk

It’s a (don’t try at home) stunt. The best way to step away from all the negativity and turmoil occurring in the mind is to take a quick walk (about 15-25 minutes). It can stable your thoughts and clear your mind. A must do stunt to the road of happiness.

2. Smile

It is very obvious right? Smiling is very close to happiness. It is just a facial expression where all the troubles and problems drown in a quicksand. Scientists claim that if you do it, even on purpose, it sends signals to the brain that you are really smiling and it does send the same chemicals as real laugh. good laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

3. Try something new

I often get some crazy ideas to sleep outside during the night, or to go for bike ride at 3 AM, but I’ve done it only once! I still brag about that day how crazy I was by going in 4 AM climbing the nearest mountain and watching the sunrise. It was beautiful! Whatever comes to your mind, do it! (Except killing a person and these sort of things).

4. Unplug

I often say, and I ever wrote an article of how technology made us bound. Technology does fabricate the reality of people. It sends the mind to another portal and keeps it busy so we cannot be right here in the moment. Throw the technologies and just drink one coffee on the terrace or in the yard (diminish technology for at least a couple of hours)

5. Sing it out!

It doesn’t have to be in the shower! Singing out loud activates the breeze of emotions and we can often throw the worries out of our scarecrow-like voice (at least mine is like one). Music can be really inspiring sometimes.

6. Volunteer

The only minus in volunteering is that we don’t get money for it. But as money cannot bring us happiness, couple of hours helping hand once in a while can bring the worth of our well-being. I did community hours in highs school and even though I didn’t like it, when it was all finished I felt gratitude.

7. Make a list of gratitude

Although volunteering is one kind of gratitude, we can make a list of big and small things we are grateful for. Start from the small things you are grateful for and continue to the big parts. You will be amazed how many things you have that you can be grateful for.

8. Practice Yoga

It makes the body agile and flexible. The blood flow trembles and the body is set in mood after exercise. It’s not strange that I feel very self-confident after class, and nothing can make me nervous.

9. Have fun in the kitchen

You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to have some fun! Look up for some nice delicious recipes, open the fridge, and start experimenting. I made dark chocolate muffins yesterday, and I almost bite off my finger while I tasted the first one. Take care of your tongue if you chose to make them. They are very hot and delicious at the same time!

10. Give a compliment

These days giving a compliment is so hard. It’s like it doesn’t want to get out in words. I really like some girls dress and I can’t spit it out! Couple of months ago I read one article of how important it is to give a compliment. Since then I have no hair on my tongue.

11. Stay here in the moment

Avoiding technology can be worthwhile if we want to stay in present time. Also letting go of the past can be worthwhile if we want to grasp the momentum and its benefits. Things are happening here, not in the past, and not in the future (I felt stupid for telling you this obvious fact).

12. Call a friend

It is more obvious for girls, but making a male-to-male call and exchanging couple of sentences can be relief, especially if we need advice for something.

13. Play a game

It is strange, but I cannot remember when was the last time I played game with my friends (not talking about Facebook poker or flappy birds). Gathering and playing some games such as Monopoly or some drinking game with cards will do the thing.

14. It’s fine

Couple of times these statements or “it will be okay” can be very irritating, but most of the time it is a fact. Everything works out at the end so we can change the sentence as “Don’t worry”.

I hope you have something to share in the comments or I can help you with asking “How did the muffins go?”.

“Happiness is a choice”

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