7 Tips For Success: Writing Exercise

I know that we are all productive as soon as we forfeit the lazy rule number one: can’t reach it, don’t need it. The tips for success is writing exercise that will change your life and it will transform your mindset right on track with your visions. Your job is to put your lazy-as*es and take a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper.

The most important thing in imagination is visualization. When we write things down we force the mind to think on that particular area and unconsciously our mindset is diverted towards our picture of “how it’s supposed to be”.

The following exercise consist seven questions that need honest answers. Believe me it will change your future and most of all it will change your life.

1. If your job and your carrier would’ve been perfect, how would they look and in which area you could gain self-discipline that will help you attain that?

2. What does “an ideal family life” mean to you and what kind of self-determinism would help you reach that?

3. If you like the be perfect at any glace, in which way you would have to be self-determined to attain that?

4. If your financial situation would’ve been perfect, what type of self-determinism would most help you to reach that?

5. Why right now you are not that successful, and what type of self-discipline would help you gain your accomplishments?

6. What type of knowledge would help you gain your successful life?

7. If you had magic stick, and you can only choose one area where you can be entirely successful, what kind of self-determination would that area recommend?

Well, believe me I did them few weeks back and I couldn’t get my “perfect image of my life” out of my head. “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get itwas not just a baloney quote to fade the dreams out of people, but a quote that shows how the energy works between us and that we connect each other with the universe.

If we want something so bad, and give all our effort to attain it, there is only one thing happening and we know what that thing is. The worst thing people can do is blame someone else for their poor and empty life. Subside your parents’ success, your WHOLE family success and strive toward your personal success.

I would be enough fortunate to give you more from these questions in the next few days, until then keep visualizing.

“The most important thing in imagination is visualization”

Sources: “No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline” book by Brian Tracy

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