Choosing To Live In Your Own Illusion

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” – Albert Einstein.

Nearly two years ago, I had an impact of merged thoughts on answering the question, what is truly real and what is just an illusion?

To be honest, I had millions of answers wandering through my head in milliseconds. The strangest thing about the question was that it came to me when I was really happy and I had my higher-self on very “high level”.

Sticking between my tangled brains, another question took place. If I was living the life that needs to be lived, than why is everybody else living in an illusion?

All of a sudden, passing another minute with untangling my brain’s nodule, I came up with one “bona fide” answer.

Everybody lives in their own illusion, and that’s the precise thing why this world still circles around.

Have you seen some guy with strange clothes, wearing strange hat, and green glasses that doesn’t fit on that combination in any way possible (in your illusion)? Well I know you have, and that concludes my answer.

Everybody lives in their own illusion and not only that you shouldn’t interrupt that, but you should respect and support that. The guy with the strange style, one day may become the new Giorgio Armani, and you were the guy who scanned that guy like he was some kind of weirdo.


It may sounds now that “I’m the new Buddha” and I’ve been blessed with higher self-knowledge, but two years ago I was the same as the majority in this world.

I was looking at people so wrongly. I’ve been throwing money all around on alcohol, tobacco, and what so not. Everyone that didn’t live that way were directing toward wrong direction in my eyes. They were weird, sinners, wrongdoers and everything that goes sideways rather than straight.

Not to mention someone like the guy with the green glasses I specified before. I would laugh in his face just to attract his attention and to prove him that he is not as he needs to be, simply living in eccentric illusion.

Sometimes to be “the funny guy on the table” I would comment something bad on the “weird” guy sitting close to us and the girls with me would laugh I got “one point plus”.

After I had the impact of merged emotions I even got a bit scarred. What have I done to all those people who heard me saying bad things about them and what kind of example was I for them? Bad, bad, bad. That was the outcome.

Maybe someone who saw me spend “heavy” money on bad stuff or heard me saying bad things about people took me as an example, who knows. Maybe I made someone live in the wrong illusion, by sharing my dreadful behavior.

But what could I do but to show my close friends that I was not that guy anymore? I couldn’t go the guy with green glasses and say: “Hey remember me? I was the guy who thought your glasses were funny. They are really cool now, keep wearing them”

I was really thankful for the impact, and more thankful for my authentic answer.


Nothing is going to justify my previous behavior, but what can be justified is your behavior towards others in the future.

Recently I read one quote from the historical Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius that I firmly approve “If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgment of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgment now.”

Through time all the sources flow into the same river and that’s concluding that everyone lives in their own illusion.

Previously I mentioned that everybody lives in their own illusion, and that’s the precise thing why this world still circles around, and why peoples energies still works between us.

Do you think everyone can become kings and queens and managers ALL at the same time? Of course not. There is only one king and one queen in a kingdom, and there is only one manager per sector. Do you think that particular kingdom can function without gunmen, warriors, archers, or that particular sector can work without workers performing for that sector? I don’t think so.

Every person has an illusion that makes his way in life. Combining all the illusions in this world with the “law of attraction” merge this big ball-like planet we call WORLD.

I imagine this world as a big industrial fabric and we are the parts of it. Either its one stroll or the hundred pounds pipe, we all have some function. Without either of the particles, the fabric couldn’t continue its process.

I hope my revelation will be a stroll for your behavior in the future and you won’t make the same mistake as I was and don’t let the peer pressure make you something you are not. And one last thing, STOP GOSSIPING

“When you experience the depth of your inner self, the idea of enlightenment is no longer a goal to strive towards, but rather an attitude to maintain thinking”



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