Expanding the Limits During Workout

Expanding the limits during workout actually refers to expanding you capability of forming more capacity in endurance. Every achievement in every single famous athlete is because they decided not to quit during training procedure, but to push when it’s the hardest. After that moment our endurance stats to grow and our capacity of gaining better results is on the highest level.

Athlete is also a performer as every famous person on the social media, TV, radio etc. It’s about performing on stage in front of the cameras to impress the people that share the same appreciation of a particular sport. One has to beat the inner self and train in front of a mirror to see his own results. That breaks down to the fight with the mind.

Professional Athletes expand this capacity to its finest and that’s the reason why they separate from every normal athlete. You can see them climbing the highest ranking on the scoreboards. It’s about forfeiting from everything that stops your growth and starting to expand the maximum performance.

We can detach the moment of expanding the capacity when we feel like we cannot do that one more rep at the end of every workout set or the last 100 meters of run. The brain triggers the comfort zone and stops the body from expanding the limits.

One of the best ways to expand the limits and see what kind of character we are is to run a marathon. It will be hell for the body but it will put an iron plate on the mind and it will make it feel like everything is possible. After finishing the marathon and removing all doubts, it is giving the biggest confidence boost that can be achieved by any human on the planet.

The body becomes fighting material. In case to form physics one must have ability to fight with inner self. The fighting becomes inside of us when we want to expand and grow. In case to have stronger and faster muscle movements and a dense bone structure we have to put condition training.

However, motivation is expanding the limits before, during, and after training. It’s a must process when people want to achieve anything. Motivation is forming “an army of Spartans” around the mindset“. It’s like a rope we must hang on to prevent from falling from the rock of success. There are many ways to keep the motivation and not to forfeit during training procedure. I will mention 3 of them:

1. Motivational Clips/Videos

Many of them you can find on YouTube. It gives you adrenaline boost and keeps it that way for a short period of time. My “moto” is to watch few of them per day to keep my goose bumps alerted. After that I’m am ready to fight with the wolves (Not literally).

2. Motivational Songs

Motivating by songs can be a boost for a short period of time, but that’s why there are millions of them. Music motivation comes from the type of person you are. I myself have specific taste about motivating by songs. Sometimes I am Linkin Park type of a guy, and sometimes I am techno dude. Everyone is different so don’t judge yourself if Mariah Carey is one of them.

3. Motivational Movies


Have you ever noticed how strong you are after watching a motivational movie? You feel like you can eat the bars at the gym! It gives you lot of power to expand your limits. Barcelona (the soccer club) won the champion league after Pep Guardiola (the coach) played different film montage moments from the movie “Gladiator” just before they went out at Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

Motivation doesn’t last that’s why we need to renewed it on daily bases, just like taking a shower.

“Motivation is forming “an army of Spartans” around the mindset”

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