How Peoples Energy Works Between Us

Yes, peoples energy exist.

Are you aware that everything moves all the time?

Even the atoms in the rocks vibrate on any frequency, but because they are firmly attracted they stay fixed.

When we heat solid particles, the heat causes the atoms to increase its motion. When the motion increases, the attraction between atoms causes them to move a little further apart.

It is also the other way around. If we cool a solid particle it reduces the motions in the atoms, but what’s most important is that they never stop to vibrate. Every form and every “not-movable” matter, vibrates.

So as matter, peoples energy vibrate all the time. It is invisible and it affects us as soon as we interact with each other.

It’s a brief example. When we walk alone on a darkened sidewalk, we feel safe as soon as we are fully alone on that street (except if we are afraid of ghosts). But when some random guy passes near us, we promptly interact with each other. It is simple. Peoples energy is infused by the sense organs. “Is it safe to pass near that guy? Is he a thief or a normal guy going down the street like me?”

Do not judge yourself. We all do it (except if you are the mystery guy wearing a long coat). There is energy between us and it’s moving, flowing, and interacting with each one of us.

In many cases we have sensed the goodness in people as soon as we see them in the eyes. Some people want to call it gut, but today let’s call it understanding the interaction between peoples energy.

As soon as we understand that even the biggest solid rock moves (as the mountain Mount Everest), we will start to understand how this frequency vibrates, even in people. We may see the mountain at the same place all the time, but inside every little stone, that mountain has vibrating particles that are moving all the time.

Authority comes from this energy. When the boss (parents or teachers) walks in the room/classroom to give us speech, we can sense their energy directing towards all of us. And what matters the most is that the energy breaks and riot inside all of us. We call that energy “a command”. It breaks our system, invade our organism, and give directions where should we be headed next.

Now, because authority has slightly higher frequency called responsibility, they are able to break inside our system of well-being. It’s the feel that they are responsible if anything happens to us or by our actions.

It’s a circle. Sometimes in life, we have to be the listeners and commanded by the authority, and afterwards, we are the ones who command people and give them directions. First we are the operatives in this world, we have given directions, and after we teach our soul to vibrate on higher frequency and give direction to another operative soul. That’s called the cycle of life.

Everyone is different and that’s what defines the peoples energy on which we attract each other. Mostly, people with same interests connect with each other because their energy vibrates on the same frequency. On the frequency they vibrate, the invisible waves connect and they form a thing called master mind.

From this point, we can see what is love, authority, what simple bound is, and why people connect and share their opinions between each other.

That’s what higher self is. It is vibrating on the tallest frequency, separating from all the “operative” souls. That’s what leaders have, and that’s what religious holiness had long time ago. That’s what we call “brain usage”. It has so many names.

It’s been said that if people use the brain 100% instead of 10% (as an average) they can change frequencies and change matter by switching the atoms in the formula.

As far as science has it’s trait, it’s stated that intelligence and brain usage are boosted by reading and learning, but in my opinion, yoga and meditation are the proper way to relieve energy and let the frequency vibrate on higher rate.

Knowing yourself is the best way to cause higher vibration. That’s why is so forced topic to know yourself and be different. Yoga, meditation, and proper healthy foods, such as the ones that feed your brain, will cause you to change your “operative system” into “authority system”.

Transform your mind set and the world will change for you.

“That’s what higher self is. It is vibrating on the tallest frequency, separating from all the “operative” souls”

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