Precious Little Time

When this topic is mentioned no one bats an eye. Time is the most unrenewable resource that cannot be pulled back. Once it’s gone there is no power that can renew it. Of course if they manage to make time machine or some enzyme that is going to make you younger like Brad Pitt in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Enough of science fiction and let’s take this serious. Precious little time is limited. It depends on each organism and lifestyle. It’s artificially made from the people to organize, but when you see it really exists. Every human has limited timeline and once the timeline is executed what stays are the things you’ve done during that timeline. If you waste it on talking gibberish, being stuck in the past, or using it just to pass, you will regret once you turn back on your memories and see that you’ve lived un-lived life.

This is how this world works. Everything is connected and every human has his own story. All the stories in the world connect through tasks and actions. Your action may not look now connected with someone in Asia or Europe, but all together hooks up into one. The world looks and behaves the way it does right now because humans once made it behave this way. It’s like a mechanism, or let’s say, a car factory.

If all the parts are made perfect the outcome would be beautiful Mercedes C 63 coming out of the factory, fresh and waiting to be driven. If not it would be disaster. The car will be thrown into garbage and lot of the employees that worked on the car will be fired. That’s how the world works, except world is a lot bigger, nastier, and most of all, selfish factory.

It’s the truth like it or not. You are single personal of that factory and you are the one who need to make, let’s say, a perfect brakes for the Mercedes. It’s a big part to manufacture brakes and it’s connected with lots of other working associates to make the brakes work perfectly. Your timeline is limited. You have 12 days to make them or you will be fired and you won’t have money to feed yourself and your family.

Spend your time however you like but the Mercedes won’t work without your brakes or it would, but it will hit the first tree on the road. As the joke says “I didn’t repaired your brakes, but I made your horn louder”.

When people hear their life depends on it, the timeline starts to exist and to be seen. Before the deadline you thought you have the whole time in this world. Don’t wait for the deadline to start and to realize that time is limited.

This is life. Maybe it’s not going to be twelve days limited, but when you see even hundred years aren’t enough if you have enormous vision. My vision in this world is to see that Mercedes made and assembled fresh out the oven curved with the best parts made by me and every personals potential that is somehow connected with it.

Don’t wait for the time machine or the perfect Q10 enzyme but make this world a better place. Start to be aware. There is no reason not to. If not for you, make it better for your descendants. Take the time to think, transform your mindset, and stop wasting your time on things that are not connected with you or (with the brakes).

“Time is the most unrenewable resource that cannot be pulled back”

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