The Shocking Truth About The Fear Of Death

Fear of death is frightening sometimes. We can state it as “the fear of the unknown” or going to a place where the faith and the current state cannot be predicted. It is simply walking into something undefined.

Lurking through the internet and a couple of interviews of people who had near-death experience, they all say the same. “I am watching my body from different perspective and I cannot believe I am actually dead”.

But who knows. We are all skeptic when it comes to the knowledge of the afterlife.

As we are all different, we have different approach when it comes to the assumptions. What is a must in our cycle of life is that we are all going to die one day. It’s a bit harsh to say this, but there is no other way to end the cycle devised out in the stages of life: energy, time, and money.

We don’t need to have fear of death. It is the cycle of life and the end of the timeline. Let’s throw the knowledge to reasoning.

My favorite quote on the fear of death is by Mark Twain:

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time”.

Couple of years ago, I transformed the fear of death as my motivation. Everything is going to end one day, but until that day I will make every second count. This includes going out of the comfort zone, taking every opportunity to learn something new, upgrade myself by reading books and watching videos, and motivating every day to bring my vision to the world.

We should not fear the afterlife, but fear the missed opportunities in life. Fear is a common substance in everyday life. Fear of switching jobs, fear of approaching girls, and fear of heights are all imaginary. I would say it is rather challenge than fear. We are confronting the thing that stops us being authentic. Our mind is saying to do these things and we are stopped by the same part that pretends to save us from danger.

And how is all this connected with the fear of death?

After all, we all lay down in the coffin with the things we did and didn’t do; we are here to make the Do’s count rather than Don’ts. All the Don’ts will transform intro regret, and the entire Do’s will transform our mindset into stable and concrete version.

More and more I get confronted with the idea of death, rather than the idea of doing something here and now. People seem to worry more to answer the question of “what is afterlife” rather than seek out who they are from the three types of people in this world “the ones who make things happen, the ones who watch things happen, or the ones who wonder what happen”. Seeking the answer of after life and investing s every day on the Don’ts, at the end of the day we will end up the ones who wonder what happened.

Challenge is exciting. It’s every day thing. Overcoming the fears would be another definition for challenge. It is thrilling, full with adrenaline and it’s the right thing.

Endure rather than surrender. Attack the fear, and stay there, see what happens. Cowards are the ones who stay comfy and lay down all the Do’s rather than catch every single one of them. And there comes the fear of death, when time slipped right through our fingers and our vision still stays in our head unscratched. There is no time to end it once it’s too late. There lays the egg of fear all along, the fear of death.

Motivate yourself with every bite of wisdom, every wise book, and every wise quote ever said. Learn from the geniuses that are still alive, and the ones that are two meters underground.

“After all, we all lay down in the coffin with the things we did and didn’t do”

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