Things You Should Know About Love, Hate, And Empathy

There are always people who let you down and make you feel “revolted” inside you. We would state those people as the ones we hate and give us bad peer pressure. On the other hand, there are people who arouse an intense feeling of deep affection, or the ones we love.

Now, every person on this planet has specific taste of people they like or dislike, which is a good thing! We distinguish each other and we direct towards unique vision. There would be no planet earth today if we were all the same, right? There can’t be only one sphere in life, such as playing basketball. Also, there cannot be only playing rugby, soccer, managing a firm, and so on. There must be mixture of things so we can combine them and make the mechanism work, so called planet Earth. Three things define human behavior and those are love, hate, and empathy

What is hate?

Hate is intense feeling of disgust toward any person, or any object. Since we are not talking about Pontiac Aztec, my intense disgust in that kind of no-car, we will focus on resolving what is hate in a person and why do we feel that way.

We hate people because of two things, because we know them, and because we don’t know them. I personally, in the past, had a couple of people that I could not stand from my gut! I felt immense antagonism towards them and I did not want them near me. What’s most interesting is that I never had contact with them except eye contact.

Forwarding through time, today those people are my close friends.

The second people we hate are the ones that we know. It may be because we’ve had previous dreadful experience, or we know they did something we state as erroneous and problematic.

What is love?

As I mentioned before, love is an intense feeling of deep affection. When we investigate synonyms for love we often find virtues such as: appreciation, fondness, friendship, passion, respect and tenderness.

Happiness and love are the feelings we all strive for. At the end of the day we all ask ourselves one question, are we happy? Happiness arises from the virtues that love provides us with. When we want to answer positively to the question “are we happy” we need to feel love first.

Love and Hate

Reviewing the two theories of love and hate we conclude that there is no outcome of hate. Hate is artificial and comes from the things opposite of virtues. Those are dishonesty, evil, bad, imperfection, meanness and disbelief. We are born to love and to perceive virtues. There is no such a thing as hate but a fabricated belief to kick us from our balance and make our life convoluted.

Just think about why we hate. There is not one positive outcome of it. We need to reconsider out gut and to make our mindset clear. “Hate is artificial” and “Love is the thing we are born with”.

Buddha said “Hate is never conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love. This is an internal law”. Hate is artificially made by the society and the atrocious experience.

Some energy made us all, usually named by “All-powerful” or “Almighty God”. Everything originates by his creation. Since the “Almighty” or “God” incredibly loves, and everything is part of it, I presume that God loves us all. If God loves us all, it must be okay for us to love everything. Sometimes love can be this simple.


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Nowadays is quoted as “to walk in his shoes”. By this virtue we can connect with everyone and understand their life story. Not everyone has good suited family and big houses and cars. They have to walk the road alone. By understanding this fact we can share our empathy with another person and transform our gut into something superior than just a “blind judge”.

Know that everyone is a good person poisoned with bad characteristics. We all have different story and that’s why we all have different fingerprints. Transform your hate to love, become aware, and you will see that everyone wears a halo on their head.

“Three things define human behavior and those are love, hate, and empathy”

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