Ways to Sleep Better

Sleeping involves around 1/3 from your life. If you calculate the regular eight hours of sleep per day, that’s spending one big piece of your life in one sleeping position.

Sleeping process is vital for our health issues. People with sleeping problems will even pay (as I was) to know the secret ways to sleep better.

Strategic sleep is the key to get your body rested, your well-being fulfilled, and your energy boosted to the highest levels possible. Not as hard as CEO strategies, but it involves a bit of guiding steps and ways to sleep better.

The truth in the steps and ways to sleep better lies in the experimentation. It is widely known that everyone is different and everyone needs different variables to satisfy one’s needs.

First step the experiment is defining how many hours of sleep do we need to rest? I’ve experienced that I need seven hours of sleep to get my energy at the highest level possible, while most healthy adults sleep for about eight hours a day to satisfy their needs.

When I found out that I was satisfied with seven hours a day, I haven’t really noticed that my sleep was improving. I just felt like I found out trashy information. I started working out in the mornings and I’ve noticed that I started to go to sleep at the same time, and woke up with my alarm at eight o’clock every morning.

Going to bed at the same time every day, having seven hours of sleep, and waking up at the same time in the morning improved my energetic results, as well as my freshness.

While napping is not my favorite subject, because if I take a nap during the day it’s a sign that I’m going to get sick, but I recently highlighted that everyone is different. Jumping from friend to friend and asking them if napping worked for them they answered positively.

Napping is smart choice to quick-recharge the batteries during the day.

When we take a nap we justify the previous hours of less sleep. Not always we can manage to go to sleep at the same time. Sometimes there are more important things to manage before going to bed (like watching funny cats and dogs until the morning hours).

Sometimes after our dinner, our stomach gets filled up with “materials to be processed” and the blood rushes directly in the stomach. This process makes us sleepy and fuzzy. I will lie if I say few times, but after dinner, I can make the mistake and go to bed at eight o’clock.

My reality is twisted afterwards. I wake up at 3 o’clock and my biorhythm is totally twisted, so as my energy. Leaving the biorhythm and energy aside, waking at three o’clock makes me fell like I’m the loneliest guy on this planet (and a couple of drunk people coming from parties).

To cease this not-so-pleasant feeling, we can stand up from the couch and do something, such as organizing clothes for the next day, so as washing dishes (not preferable) or call a friend and talk something until the food is processed.

The whole process of ways to sleep better is not so difficult after all. There are four steps to maintain: test how many hours you need to sleep to have full power in the morning, make schedule when should you go to bad and when should you wake up, take a nap to fulfill your disoriented schedule, and try not to sleep after dinner. Although sleeping after dinner is not so occurring, we need to take that in mind.

Put your laptops down, leave your phones, think more about healthy issues, and make the steps to attain full  sleeping benefits. I guarantee it will self-improve you time during the day.

“The sleeping involves around 1/3 from your life. If you calculate the regular eight hours of sleep per day, that’s spending one big piece of your life in one sleeping position”
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