What I Have Learned from Building My Body

Going back in time, in a blink of an eye, I realized that I was building my body for over seven years. Not to mention going early to bed, all the foods I’ve  put aside such as bread, sugar, all the juices (except naturally squeezed), chips, and all the things that blocked my way in achieving a god-like looking body.

I started running, kick-boxing, hiking, bicycling and working out in the gym just to lose some weight. Along the way I got attached to the “positive drug” of building my body. I mention this as a “positive drug” because it’s one of the few addictions we can actually benefit from.Building my body

Few days ago I found some old pictures of me and I see that in seven years I did enormous change in my body constitution. Day by day I didn’t realize the transformation but by finding an old picture of me, I was startled and I started to scratch my eyes. Wow! It was enormous change. Change takes time right? Of course it does and this is what I learned unconsciously from building my body.

What people often do in the gym is they take “shortcuts” if you know what I mean. Yeah, they take steroids and they build their body in a couple of weeks, not scratching their head about the consequences. It’s hard to see people develop enormous change next to you and you work x10 times harder than them. It’s the same in the real world. We are more than aware what they say about criminals and “fast money” …

Success takes time. It takes months, years, and sometimes even a decade! Our job is to preserve the state and accelerate the tempo day by day. You see, the biggest mistake what we all do is we think that everything comes in a couple of days. This is what my father says: Son, you are not getting your Ferraris and big boats by sitting on your hands. You have to start from the mud and go all the way up until you can become a “wealthy person”.Expand your beliefs as Jordan Belfort did to his employees, take a deep breath, lay down, and be prepared to use your years to achieve success.

I came across one quote by Theodore Roosevelt – “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never envied a person who led an easy life. I have envied many great people who led difficult lives and led them well”.

The point is to force, to struggle, to sacrifice, and to break the wall in the mind that says “It’s enough”. After breaking the wall we will see the light behind hiding all along. There is a vast competition around the world. You are one out of seven billion people who are trying to achieve success.

Looking at my point of view seven years ago I was fat, short and chubby. It’s okay to use these words because I know what I really was and that I firmly wanted to change. I let go of my past seven years ago. Today I have SPA Center I have beautiful body and I’m going to open Healthy Food Store soon. Take your luggage, transform your mindset, and take the trips and tips to success. You never know where the path might be headed …

“Success takes time. It takes months, years, and sometimes even a decade!”

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