The 200 Minutes Of Workout For Everybody

Science is growing every day. All scientific approaches prove that we need to wake our lazy a*ses and start working out.

We all love to have that hot steaming body, but as one famous quote say “no pain, no gain.”

Two hundred minutes of workout for an average person is quite enough. It’s working out 4 times a week for about 50 minutes per day. It would be enough to fulfill the healthy schedule for the week and violently drag the endorphin’s from the mind.

I mean, we all want health right? But health comes from having healthy habits; it’s not replenished from money or by our parents. We just have to earn it and preserve it as long as we can.

Now, I will tell only 6 of the health benefits provided by working out and I will try to reconsider you. Before you start reading this, make sure to read 3 must-know guides for fitness enthusiasts.

1. Strengthens the immune system

These facts are not just written on a piece of paper. They are scientifically proven by generations of people who dedicated their life of working out and letting scientist discover their health.

In teenage and adult years, workout triggers the immune system and produces natural immune cells. However, after adult years we get into maturity. In maturity the immune system dramatically declines and we no longer have rebellious number of immune cells. The good news is, we can rearrange the immune cells by moderate cardio workout. I would suggest 1-2 times for 50 minutes per week and 2 times of workout such as, pushups, pull-ups, abs workout, and deeps. Little creativity on Google, can find you great workout schedule and exercises.

2. Improves mental brilliance

People who work out on a regular basis tend to have better memory, reaction time and concentration. It doesn’t have to be 2 hours of workout per day; we can do it 4 times a week for 50 minutes. We don’t aim to become genius or Mr. Olympia, we just want to be healthier, that’s all. Unless we are Phil Heath or Dexter Jackson we don’t need to overdo the process.

3. Confidence boost

Yeah! It does give confidence. Just think about how you feel after great cardio training. Nothing can make us anxious after, right? Workout gives stamina, strength and muscle. I just numbered the 3 most important parts of manliness. Men or women, workout gives better results in the mirror, greater self-image and hell of self-confidence.

4. Increased energy and endurance

Have you ever felt a bit tired to work out? And after winning the fight of self-conviction and went to exercise, felt glad you did? I have done it a thousand times and every time I do it, I feel like a win-win situation. I’m done with exercise, I feel energized and I feel happy. What else would a person like? Okay, money is also a good factor …

5. Reduces stress, depression and anxiety

There are so many things to learn from working out, but the first step is to start. Stress, depression and anxiety are one of the top killers and disease producers. As medicine grows, people figure out that all the sicknesses and body failures come from having unhealthy habits that produce stress, depression and anxiety. Just think about it, how do you feel when you are happy, and how do you feel when your anxious? I would say that happiness feels like flying and anxiety feels like crouching on the ground confused. Don’t let your stress kidnap your well-being.

6. Reduces the risk of many diseases

Do you feel the circle? Work out boosts immune system, improves mental brilliance, increases energy, reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Why do we work out then? To sustain our healthy body and mind because one body and soul is all we have. To prevent number 6 from happening, we need to work out and try to be as much optimistic as we can, and sometimes even more than that!

Work out can prevent numerous deadly diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, colon cancer, breast cancer, stroke, heart attack, and arthritis.

I say this to all of my clients. Health is like water, do not wait for something to happen to knock your head and go on the journey of health restoration because you might never reach it. It is something we all have, but without it we cannot function, at all.

If you are interested in more athletic motivation, you can read expanding the limits during workout.

“Health comes from having healthy habits; it’s not replenished from money or by our parent. We just have to earn it and preserve it as long as we can.”



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