5 Strategies You Should Use To Become Super Focused

Focus has two best friends, success and life. To attain success we have to force all of our senses on these two particular points.

By definition focus is paying particular attention to something.

The world provides us with so many distractions that makes focus almost impossible. Imagine the term “super focused” as going in Las Vegas and trying not to gamble. That would be pretty good example of super-focused person.

Going to the store deprives our focus away and generates our senses to work toward different points of view. To stay super focused does not mean we should avoid shopping at the grocery stores or forcing ourselves to go to Las Vegas without gambling. It means having one strong wish ywe want to see fulfilled and working towards that wish with all of our energy.

In case to stay super focused on one particular point we need to grasp the 5 strategies (be sure to fulfill them as aligned).

1. Determine the purpose

Determining the purpose should be our starting point, or preparing for battle mode. It really is a battle when we want to stay super focused on something.

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created. Just as an example, if you want to become NBA basketball player, you have to remove all the things aside that barricade that purpose such as going to the clubs, smoking cigarettes and chasing girls all the time.  You have to stay with all your focus, your entire mind, and all of your desires to become a professional basketball player. Here we have a starting point.

2. Remove unnecessary thoughts

Once again, going to the clubs and chasing girls all the time, will take your focus away because these things give us momentum fulfillment.

Becoming a basketball player takes colossal sacrifice and so many things more than chasing girls and spending nights in the club under booze. It occupies your brain entirely, and gives one direction only. Spiritual people quote that if you want something so bad, there is nothing going to stop you from getting that thing. Too bad sometimes those things are fear and failure.

Your choice is either let your thoughts wander all the time, or direct your focus and occupy it with becoming NBA basketball player (soccer player, writer, perfect blogger, web designer).

3. Be prepared to change entirely

When I lost my first kickboxing match there was nothing I wanted more, but to wait for the next match and rip my opponents chin off (sorry for my language but that was going through my brain). Before the next match, I waited one year and finally the day came. I had two months to practice.

During those two months I was another person. My friends knew that I was going to fight my next opponent but they said that I seemed a bit different. They thought I was “another guy”.

I would say that I wasn’t another guy but I was entirely focused on my opponent and I was barely waiting to face him.

Be prepared to change entirely and even become a new person because focus will change your overall perception in life. That’s what focuses tastes like when you want something so bad

4. Shift your mindset

Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Your attitudes should be focusing on changing your point of view.

Let’s say you are interested in cars. Before you shift your mindset you see Mercedes Benz C-lass. If you chose to shift your mindset and stay focused on upgrading your knowledge on cars, you will start to see Mercedes Benz C-class coupe, new model with face-lift with two exhausts. C-Class was the smallest model in the marque’s lineup until the arrival of the A-Class in 1997. The C-Class is built at Mercedes-Benz factories in Sindelfingen and Bremen, Germany as well as numerous satellite factories in other countries.

Shifting your mindset towards any given attainment you want to achieve gives you full attention to gather information’s, train, advance and progress in that field of knowledge. In gives your life whole another perception of perceiving things.

5. Look back (from time to time)

The biggest motivational boost is to check out on our achievements from time to time. It will give us enormous boosting ground and it will make us stay super focused.

Try to see the changes you made one year before and now. You’ve read 5-15 books, you have one year working experience, you have one year life experience (screw-ups and fulfillment’s) and you’ve probably had the two best holidays during summer and winter time (just guessing). Most people forget to look back and see their life attainments.

Turn back from time to time and if there was any bad life experiences, see them as a life lessons and make sure it never happens again. Just don’t get stuck in the past.

Use the five things above to knock-out your life opponents and stay super focused.

“Focus has two best friends, success and life”

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