5 Things You Should Start Making Time For

Managing time in our lifetime is one of the most important things during our “inhale-exhale” process. As I state in all of my writings, we are all different and we all get satisfied with different things.

Going after our vision we need to manage how to spend our lifetime to get the motivation, inspiration, and the things that boost our capability to fulfilling that vision.

We need to acknowledge 5 things we should start making time for in exchange to get our vision fulfilled:

1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier

The “fiesta” begins after our heart-stopping alarm. Mornings are most vital periods of the day to get the soar of motivation and inspiration to boost our capability. Instead of waking up last minute, and going to work with eye circles as big as your car tires, you should wake up earlier (at least 30 minutes) and use some morning routines. Meditation, taking a quick walk in the morning breeze (for 15 minutes), or morning workout routines are all great choices to start your day. Instead of cursing the alarm for 5 minutes, you can use that time to boost the blood flow and let the mind wander.

2. Always have To-Do list

Before I started creating to-do lists, I always thought that listing stuff in life the biggest waste of time. On the contrary, when I first made my to-do list, I saw how many things during the day take my vision away from me.

On social networks (even though they are my work) I figured out that 50% of my time I spend on surfing unrelated stuff to my work  (watching funny pictures of cats, dogs, frogs, people, and funny movies.) One piece of paper brought me closer to my vision at least 3 hours a day. Wasting 10 minutes on one to-do list, brings you 40% closer to your vision every day.

3. Chain your vision

I have managed to think thoroughly why I was one step away from my vision every day. One month of fantasizing, I realized that I spend time with my friends and people that have been compromising my vision by saying that was stealing my life away.

The worst part of all was that they managed to plant irrelevant opinion of the vision I had without asking for my opinion of it, or even taking it for granted.

My advice would be for you to spend time during the day to think how your vision can be fulfilled, and subside all the pointless opinions of the others, even from your closest family.

I would say master minds are great example of a chained vision.

4. Read more books

The wisdom of all the previous and momentum highbrow persons hides in the lines of the books. The IQ and all the brilliant ideas come from reading and reading only. Twenty percent of the people have eighty percent of the money in the world and the secret was that they managed to read more during the day, than the rest eighty percent.They occupied themselves to improve in a particular subject by reading at least 15 minutes per day. If we count it on a yearly bases, we read 15 books only by reading 15 minutes per day.

We either read more books and get the biggest slice of the pie by using our precious little time, or spend our time online watching funny cats, dogs, frogs and other baloney stuff.

5. Make more free time

The last is very significant. Despite the fact that we need more occupied time than free time, we also need free time to clear all the lobes in the brain.

I make my free time during the morning in my yard by waking up earlier, working out for five minutes, and getting a chilly breeze of the morning airflow accompanied by one green apple. That’s my routine to transform my mindset and scheme to fulfill my vision quicker than my death.

I think it is also vital to repeat the five vital things we should do more every day and those are:

Waking up earlier (at least 30 minutes)
Always spend 10 minutes to make To-Do list for the day (I use chalkboard)
Chain your vision by subsiding the irrelevant opinions of the others (even your parents)
Read more books (the wisdom of the creative mind hides in expanding the mind by reading books)
Make more free time by clearing your thoughts (mind lobes)

“Managing time in our lifetime is one of the most important things during our inhale-exhale process”



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