F*ck It As One Of The Best Motivational Factors

I had a deep insight in the motivational sphere. I love to write about motivation and inspiration.

One of the most profound things I acknowledged about motivation is that there is no other factor than saying f*ck it and going in the direction of the fear. On the other side, inspiration have sideway doors that can be opened through quotes, writings, articles and any kind of inspirational text or deed that we personally find inspiring.

What I’m trying to say is that the quote “Fear in nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way or progress” can be pretty inspiring, but if we don’t initiate anything and keep reading this quote, there won’t be any results in the near future.

Don’t get me wrong. I love quotes, especially about inspiration and motivation, but they all lead to undertaking of our man-ish/girl-ish thing inside us and just say the two magical words: F*ck it.

F*ck it!

Yeah, that’s right. All the inspirational posts, quotes, motivational movies and presentations lead to one particular thing that makes us take some action in life.

I have struggled a lot while trying to do improvements in my life. I found f*ck it (screw it) as one of the best ways to overcome my problems with fear. Now I will tell you why.

Either it’s breaking the awkward stare and talking to the girl on the other side of the bar, or trying to write 2-3k words for my website and lurking into research, I’ve always said these cursing but magical words inside me “f*ck it” and started taking some action.

I must confess. Even though these words are breaking the wall, if they don’t rely on me only, they don’t always end up making me successful into my action, but as the quote say “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. The girl might not like me and just say to me “go f*ck off”, but when things rely on me only, and I have conquered the laziness, I am able to control myself and start taking action about things I want to change. They always end up successful no matter what.

I am workout junkie. I love hiking, running, marathons, cycling, but I always do these things under one motivational factor. It can be vast distance, making new personal best, or doing things I wasn’t able to do yesterday. I also find “f*ck it” in my athleticism.

I have always struggled to do the enormous distance (running, hiking, cycling), to run the marathons, to make new personal best, or to do the things I couldn’t do yesterday, but what If I have stopped and listened to my brain? What If I jumped into the struggle with hands in the air and listened to my brain in giving me the instructions to “drop my gun” and stop increasing my pulse for nothing? I will tell you what if I did that. I would be chubby, little, fat, ugly looking, without confidence, without website, and without any kind of motivation to achieve anything. I would be the guy that never makes anything out of anything. I wouldn’t have any impact over this world that needs change.

We know the things that make us happy belong on the opposite side of fear, but we keep persisting in supporting the fear.

The solution would be very simple, as simple as my websites name. Master Yoda listed one very optimistic and simple quote “Do or do not. There is no try”. Just f*ck it and go with the flow. If it depends on you and yourself only, then it’s your fault if you fail.

Defeat the wall that stops your achievements. If you don’t do stuff and if you don’t overcome your fears I wrote this article without purpose, but then again “f*ck it”.

“One of the most profound things I acknowledged about motivation is that there is no other factor than saying f*ck it and going in the direction of the fear”

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