Should We Let Stress Kidnap Our Well-Being

I’m stressed about this, I’m stressed about that. That’s what we get every day, either from our friends or our families. But let’s get some things clear, what is stress?

Stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances”. It’s the disturbance derived from thing we categorize as “emotional disturbing.” Stress can be delivered, for example, when we present business plan for the first time to a vast audience.

However, stress hijacks people’s lives every day. It doesn’t hijack itself, but it hijacks by our acceptance towards it. If you don’t let your emotions tangle while you present your business idea, there won’t be any hijacking. But how are we supposed to do that?

“Practice makes it perfect.” Every day people practice to control their emotions towards everything. We have proclaimed that overcoming stress is actually a practice. Jordan Belfort said “I’ve have survived the deepest s*it in my life. What else can there be?” It’s a bit ruff to take this guy as an example, but enough to prove my point.

Have you ever felt that you’ve been over emotional? They say if we over think we create problems that weren’t even there in the first place. Going up on the scene for the first time is one over emotional state. What if I blew up? What if I misspell? What if I look funny rather than serious? Do I need to walk like this?

There comes the tangling, stress, and actually, the misspelling, the blew up, the funny looks, the shouldn’t-walk-like-this and millions of things that are so strong that they become reality.

Fear is strong, very strong. It is lot stronger than its antonyms; confidence, happiness, and calmness. This is the reason why happiness is massively hard to find. Fear is the common point of well-being versus stress, well-being versus happiness, well-being versus confidence. It’s the “versus” point in every emotion.

I’ve read thousands of posts of “how to overcome fear”, but I never realized that fear is the actual breaking point to all the emotions. It’s the boundary to every success. Fear kidnaps the well-being and invents the comfort zone, the zone of darkness. It grabs and throws the body in there until it rots!

The only way to overcome fear is to “Just Do It.” It’s not strange that Nike commercials are so popular with that logo. It’s do it or don’t do it type of a thing. Either overcome the “versus” and move on to the virtues, or kick your head in it and go straight to stress.

Doing it won’t make it non-stressful. But doing it more frequent will make it less stressful, that’s why we practice for years over one particular thing in case to be the best at that thing. Basketball, snowboarding, soccer, public speaking, web-design, are all examples of “one particular thing.”

The global “one particular thing” is Life. The “one particular thing” in Life is Happiness. All we do, all we train, all we strive for, is to get this feeling of pleasure, contentment, and satisfaction. As we mentioned IT TAKES PRACTICE.

It would be authentic to stop for a while and return on the track to strive for happiness, but some people never even start. After a while the wall of the “versus” is so strong and high that we cannot even see its boundaries. Once it’s built solid, it will be harder to wipe it out and dismantle it.

Smoking weed, using other narcotics, Alcohol (see what it does to your brain), and even smoking cigarettes, are often used to lesser the fear and send us to a state where we can chill out from it. I don’t support any of the people who often use the things above, but on the contrary, I see weak people walking away from their problems for a couple of hours. I see those people as people who have no energy to fight over everyday struggle and don’t want to give their well-being to the stress, so they find sneak peek between the “versus” and the well-being.

Stress never stops, but we get stronger by overcoming it every day. If we were switched with Steve Jobs (during his lifetime) for a couple of weeks, we would die from heart attack! He could put tons of stress and manage to walk with it. That’s the definition of “a visionary.”

Do not get away from reality. I don’t want to sound like your parent, but using drugs, injecting alcohol and tobacco won’t cool off and throw the stress away, but it will only prologue it. Time is precious, remember that. Once it’s gone there is no way back (at least not until we invent the time machine).

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible vision for your life, because you become what you believe”- Oprah Winfrey

People get satisfied with “momentum happiness” rather than “long fulfilled vision” as Brian Tracy states it in the “Power of self-discipline.” We need more visionaries, more people who look further, rather than one meter away from them.

Give hundred dollars to a stupid person and he will spend all of them it in the first store.

Give hundred dollars to a visionary and he will put 80 in a bank.

Focus on one thing, be prepared for thousands of “versuses” and shape it until it becomes perfection. That’s the only way to success in this world full of distractions. The answer to the headline would be NO!

“Stress never stops, but we get stronger by overcoming it every day”

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