The Government #Selfie Strategy. Always Be Careful What You Read

Politics control and its managing cycle become elastic. As the climate change, they change with it too. I remember when I used to read posts of “Do not watch TV” and “The news are used to control people” but as the people figured that out, the government realized that they need to change the tactic.

Neil Patel says that readers and internet users become smarter than before; we need to maximize the conversion by hitting the right spot. Ten years ago I used to click the 999.999 visitor thinking that I really am the first million viewer of the webpage, and I was clicking every gift and prize I “won”. Now I know exactly what does the commercial box mean, where to search the contact of the blog/website, where to submit a pitch for them, and so on. This connects to the resilience which I’ll mention later.

What is growing faster than ever?

Internet and virtual socializing are growing every day. All the businesses, all the commercializing, and all the government influencers hit the right spot. TV and The News are no more; they are not the bulls eye anymore. They transferred the aim to the social networks and they use the strategies from there.

Every day we see posts about Putin said this, Obama responded to that with anger; this billionaire supports this government and million different talks and videos that gives the majority one global opinion. I refuse to think that way and so should you.

Internet commercializing became very easy and cheap. If you pay 5$ to Facebook you will be viewed by thousands of viewers and readers, FIVE GOD DAMN DOLLARS. Ask homeless person if he has 5$ dollars, he will show you hundred.

The talks by the government are cheap and they are bribing us with commercializing by amounts that are hilarious compared to the massive possessions they have. That’s why the headline says “Be careful what you read.”

If you read about politics and ruling, have selective opinion

I always mention “have mind on your own”. If we read hundred books and take compassion of all the writers, we will end up in asylum. We will have 100 characters and that is called Dissociative identity disorder Or Multiple personality disorder. By nature we have the selective opinion, but the government experts manipulate our possessions with selected words to twist our mind. Words that make us feel pleased, cared, and belonged somewhere. Remember that they hit on global opinion most of the time, not on the individual.

If we include videos and the colors they use to make one person pleased, we won’t be saying that “they hit the majority”, but they hit every person they can reach to have his possession in the voting cycle.

Marketing is everything

It would be funny if we think otherwise.

I am from Skopje, the capitol of Macedonia.Now I will explain how the government used the social media and the #Selfie Strategy to influence over the people.

Our government strategists used brainy marketing plan to make the social media tactic  #SelfieMacedonia hash tag and share pictures of the new monuments, new structures, beautiful views, nature, and all the things that make this country beautiful (of course there were some funny ones).

Now, if you see the situation in Macedonia we have big percentage of unemployment, money issues, problems, and things that are not as beautiful as #SelfieMacedonia. But as we said “Marketing is everything”. We can sell a s*it pie and make it look like gold brownish diamond flavor.

Unemployment and social issues are individual. That’s just the global, momentum state of the country’s population. Being unemployed are the problems of the individual, because this country offers job for everyone. It’s not the “Game of Thrones” chair type-of-a-job, but they offer something. People say “It’s better to work for nothing, than to complain for having nothing”.

Be careful what you read

Be careful what you read! This is the most important thing. Or if you have the courage to do this stunt at home, have selective opinion. Maybe this text is brainwashing you to do something (I’m joking).

“Power is addictive.” I am stating the obvious. My selective opinion tells me that the people shouldn’t give the overall power and invoice to one person or group. They will have the overall ruling over one country and they can do whatever the f*ck they want to gain their own interests. House of Cards would be the perfect explanation of how power works. People die and lose their lives to lurk through the disgusting way and sit on the big chair.

The authentic selectivity for me would be to have two opposing (vast) forces that can argue over ruling while they give more and more to the people. The quote “Two argue, while the third uses.” If one wins, they will manage to give full attention at ruining over the population. Oligopoly is better than Monopoly.

The Conclusion

The bottom line would be to build ourselves as individuals over every baloney opinion the government or every single individual have about us and to grasp the happiness in many ways. The smart move would be to chain and use our vision to connect two or more dots and make one big thing. Make sure the big thing will influence authentic over this world.

I chose to make this world a better place by motivating every individual to work their ass off, to fight, and protect their vision. It’s the most sacred thing to do. Be resilient and change with the climate, but stay close to your goals and your overall vision.

“The bottom line would be to build ourselves as individuals over every baloney opinion the government or every single individual have about us”

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