The Three White Killers: Recipe For Permanently Losing Weight

As I mentioned in my previous post how important are the nutrition’s we take thought the day, I will expand your knowledge on the three white killers.

The key to perfect health can be described in five words “eat less and train more.” But if it was that simple, we wouldn’t have all the overweight’s around us would we?

The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than we inject. It is that simple and there is no other way. You can only prolong the procedure of attaining great body if you have lot more weight than needed, but the process is one.

 “Waste more than you taste”

If you are athlete or workout junkie you would know what I’m writing about. The three white killers are: sugar, salt and flour.

Get rid of the sugar

In case to remove our weight permanently and to enjoy the real taste of health and energy, we need to remove all the simple sugars from our daily nutrition. They are in the candies, sweets, cakes, deserts, baked goods, non-alcoholic beverages, canned fruits, sugar in our coffee and all the simple sugars people inject in massive consumptions. The brain don’t need it as much as it shows like.

It is stated as a FACT that we don’t need simple sugars in our daily supplements. By simply throwing all the sugars away we are able to lose 1 pound a day!

I used to be sugar junkie one month ago, but when I removed all the simple sugars and added Fructose in my daily nutrition instead (natural sugar from fruits), I carved my abs, my rib cage went outside, and I started to look like a real athlete. Imagine these results in an obese woman/man? The outcome would be great! And off the record, the less simple sugar we eat, the less our body will carve for it (personal experience).

Don’t add salt

Besides that, you need to remove all the extra salt from your diet. An average American injects sufficient salt form variety of nutrition’s on daily bases; he also spends 19 pounds of salt every year by eating salty foods.

By adding too much salt, our body keeps the water to dissolve the salt in it. When we stop using too much salt and when we start drinking drink 8 glasses of water every day, our body will release the entire liquid surplus, and eventually, it is possible to lose 5.5 pounds PER DAY.

Avoid the products form white flour

And finally, throw all the products from white flour from your diet. The products from white flour can be: all types of white bread, pastry, pasta, bread rolls, muffin, bagel and all the products made from white flour.

White flour is actually “internal substance” of which are removed all the nutrients and then is whitened afterwards. When you see that it is written “enriched white bread”, means that the white flour, that is actually dead nutrition material, is enriched with artificial, chemical vitamins and substances, which subsequently are removed by the baking. The products from white flour have no nutritional value.

The fatal mistake of all the diets

All the people that are, or were, trying to lose weight (including me) are actually losing weight with the idea that after losing a certain number of pounds; they can reward themselves with beautiful diner and eating simple sugars as much as they want. To simplify it, the reward of losing weight would be eating as much as they want (until they/we die). This type of approach or “reward” is sentenced to failure.

If we want to reward ourselves, we should make system of rewards that doesn’t include nutrition value. Include a new clothing that may fit only your momentum size, go with the family on vacation and have some fun (summer is better for showoff). Bet with someone that you are going to lose weight and sustain it for another year (don’t you take chocolate as a reward!).

It all breaks down to our mindset and our capability of controlling our mind before our hands and mouths do the move.

“It all breaks down to our mindset and our capability of controlling our mind before our hands and mouths do the move”



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