Who’s that “Me” Person That Everyone Wants To Know About?

Forth going since the beginning of time, humans seek to find something sacred, something they build themselves for, something to hold on as a code, a “me” person that everyone wants to know about.

This so-called “code” is sacred behavior and it’s quite different in every human being. It’s a code that we need to stick to and to transform it in reaction in any given situation.

It’s really close to the gut, but this code has extensional parts. Deeply inside, hiding in the organs, in every atom, in every cell, is the person we all seek for, the guy we state as ME or US on a global scale.

Who’s ME?

Let’s phrase our soul as ME so we won’t acquire confusion.

ME is a part that that gives endorphins (the happy chemicals) that transform in happiness, the hardest and rarest thing these days. How are we able to find this ME person that gives the rarest thing these days?

It’s a lot tougher than just a couple of words or sentences. It’s a hard battle between the body and mind. When these two things combine, we have a perfect combination of free soul. No hair on your tongues, just a flow and self-confidence that changes your point of view.

From my personal experience, I have tried to be a calm person. I’ve lowered my actions, started to subside adrenaline from my life, and I’ve tried to quiet down my tempo. Guess what happened?

I was totally lost. I’m not a guy who want’s calmness and slow tempo. I’m a fast-pace type of a guy. I love lot of action, adrenaline, spontaneously trips and night outs and talking till my tongue fells off.

What was I doing then? I was going against every cell in my body. I institutionalized the things I was created for and I was going in completely opposite direction. That just didn’t feel right and luckily it wasn’t for long, just a couple of months until I figured that out.

One person is created by every action he witnessed. Sucking up all the actions one has witnessed, create those atom vibrations on very different frequency.

Some people want calm, kind of a spiritual life, creating safe environments; get satisfied with any number of incomes. They have witnessed calmer environment through their lifetime and created that atom vibrations. In my text how peoples energy works between us I have explained how these energies work.

One thing we should all strive for

Besides finding our inner satisfaction levels through our actions, we all have one thing in common. It doesn’t matter if one is adrenaline junkie, if one is spiritual, a Scorpio or Sagittarius. We share the global code of behavior and that is making this world a better place.

It’s a big living place or a planet where everyone wants to earn for living, like a vast savanna full with lions, giraffes and zebras.

I have examined every aspect of what should one individual do to have fulfilled life and not regret the day he falls to “go away to a better place” as they say. The code I’ve come up was “give more than you take.” To give more than you take means answering one question, the very last day of your life. Did I made this world a better place, or did I make it bitter?

Endeavor in making this world a better place is tangled complexity win-win attainment, just as complex as this phrase.

Life expectancy in United States is 78.64 years as the statistics show in 2011. People in the United States have an average (let’s circle it) 80 years of life to make this world a better place.

Every second of those 80 years needs to have one outcome, “to give more than we take.” It can be only achieved if one finds his “ME” inside, his authentic self. It doesn’t matter if it’s adrenaline junkie, vegetarian, vegan, Leo, Sagittarius, bold guy, long haired brunette, bold women, short midget or tall giant. Looks don’t matter, as soon as mind coincides with body.

Everything is complex if we see it as a whole, but every complex whole is done by simple steps. As Albert Einstein stated “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Life is a complex thing if we see it as a whole, but the truth is that life was always made from single action steps to form any particular whole, such as company, family, kids, house, light bulb, computer and internet.

Life is meant to be spent as a creator in this massive factory called world. Everyone has a place and function in the planet Earth.

Two things are left to seek and find. Finding me is number one and “give more than you take” from this planet Earth as number two.

Getting struck by a meteor is a brilliant piece of motivation.

“Find “ME” and give more than you take”

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