11 Virtues Showing That You Are a Good Person

To be a good person is really hard. It’s a lot harder than people think it is. Making the right choice and the easy choice specifies a person as good person or as a faker.

The right choice is always harder and that’s why lot of people designates to avoid it and go through the easy one. For example, if we work in a company, and we see that our work is much more respected now than it was 3 years ago, we might want to tell our boss that we earned a raise.

The easy choice would be to zip your mouth and keep working for another year, or go do the right choice and knock on the “CEO’s” door and sit and have a “funds talk”. Of course, it seems a bit difficult and it might cause your job, but where is the improvement being in stagnation for more than years? You know yourself better and you are 100% sure that your will earn your place in another company. (just an example)

Doing the right choice and telling our friend that we saw his girlfriend cheating is going to be hard, but walking the easy way and zipping our mouth might cause our friendship and further troubles (if you really saw her cheating and you’re not his backstabber I-want-to-have-your-girlfriend type of a guy).

Going further, I’ve detached 11 virtues showing that you are truly an authentically good person and you always walk the right way and make the right choice.

1. The Goodness

Starting with the most obvious, goodness is the core thing that tells us we are doing the right thing rather than the easier. “The raise” and “the friend” examples I mentioned in the introduction, are both great illustration of possessing the goodness.

2. The Ethic

Having a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct, is defining one person as ethical. We must have rules and behavior based on ideas of what is good and what is bad. Not cheating on your girlfriend is ethical, but cheating on your girlfriend and thinking that it might pass, is unethical and definitely not a trait of a good person.

3. The Fairness

Being fair is being justifiable. If a person kills another person, especially by purpose, justice and fair would be to send that person in jail (even though fair is a really soft word for my example). It is also fair to ask for your raise and get that raise, because you are the person who deserves that. That’s just fair and justifiable.

4. The Morality

Morality is synonym for ethics, but it has a different meaning. Morality is a system of values, the one whole of conducts, which a good person must possess. The right or wrong is justified by the moral principles people have to possess. Believing that it’s right to have that raise is having moral principles.

5. The Integrity

Honesty always wins. It might take a day, a year, or even a decade, but it will show you that you’ve done the right thing. The truth must be spoken even if your voice trembles. Doing the honest thing and telling your friend that you saw his girlfriend cheating on him would be moral uprightness and being a person of integrity.

6. The Dignity

Do you respect yourself and think that you should have a raise? I honestly think that people are missing dignity. They don’t respect their work and actions. If I work my a*s off and stagnate for a couple of years, that has to be changed. We are all special and we all possess something unique, and you all have to think that way and fight for it, even if all the people in the world think you are wrong.

7. The Honor

As we have respect and honor for our boss and our friends, they have to behave the same way. Our opinion, thinking that we are unique and have dignity, will always make people respect you. Avoiding the right thing and going the easy way will make you a sham and “honor” will only be a word you will search in the dictionary.

8. The Decency

Being decent paints your image in other people opinions of you. When you behave by the standards and earn your money by sweat, rather than doing crime, people will say, “Do you know Jackie? Yeah he is a decent man”. The picture of the people that know and respect you, must visualize the picture of you as a decent man. That is the only way they can share and connect with you. Being a scam will only connect you with scams and failures.

9. The Respectability

Showing yourself as a decent and honored man will bring you respect. It’s a must trait if we want to prosper in life. Disrespecting others will accumulate our disrespectability, and being disrespected will make us clowns rather than people of value.

10.The Nobility

Okay, this word has more definitions and this is not “belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status, or an aristocrat.” It’s where we get honored for our good deeds and altruism. For example, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons won the noble prize in 2013 for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons. Nobility has to be earned; no one gets born with it. It is something we must earn to be a good and noble man.

11.The Purity

Being a pure man is maybe one of the hardest. We all have done things we are not proud of and we state those deeds as mistakes and good lessons. To be pure, we have to sustain all the characteristics above and make them stay that way, or else good will be always a step ahead of you, and you will chase it whole your life as a bad man.

We have to fight for good, we have to act right and do the right thing rather than the easy. It’s a world full of people who go the easy way and the numbers of the ones that do the right things get less and less. The “good people” are the ones who have the habit to force themselves and “walk on fire” rather than “walk on the red carpet”.

“To be pure, we have to sustain all the characteristics above and make them stay that way, or else good will be always a step ahead of you, and you will chase it whole your life as a bad man.”

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