4 Ways To Successfully Reveal Your Talent

Finding talent is the hardest thing, because once we find it, it’s the real thing and we will upgrade that real thing for the rest of our lives.

To reveal our talent we have to do wrongs and rights, and the authentic thing we were bred to do, will start to shine and we will know it. How are we going to discover that we found the real thing? If you even do that thing for free and still makes you fulfilled and happy, then you found what you are looking for.

One quote from Einstein left me a scar “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” This means that we should connect with something greater than money, cars, big apartments, friends, family and acquaintance. Having money, friends and family is a must, but it’s not going to make us happy if we focus our happiness and “tie” ourselves to it, as Einstein claims.

To discover our talents these 4 ways will help you successfully reveal your talent.

1. Tie it to a goal

As previously mentioned, I want to amplify this statement.

Working something only for money is totally ok, but only for a short period of time. After that we should try to strive for something greater, something to make us happy, or bring us close to the thing that will make us happy.

If we tie our goal to things or people, we will NEVER find talent. Money is endless and as Einstein claims “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” If we tie to something that has no end, we will never find happiness or talent, and we will spend our lives chasing happiness as a sad man.

Tie yourselves to a goal and do the wrong things, which we will explain now.

2. Do the wrong things

It may sound judgmental, but it’s not, and let me prove that.

Working towards, and striving for talent will always be hard. People that found talent have infinite happiness, and will spread that happiness with all the people around them, just like a virus. To get that positive virus, we have to do lots and lots of wrong things.

Starting as a toilet cleaner, dishwasher, or buzzer, takes no talent. We do these things because we need money, we wouldn’t be able to survive without that income, but this is not something we want to do for the rest of our lives. It’s a great experience and everything, but doing this for the rest of your lives will make you unhappy, and definitely won’t bring your talent.

In fact, these things are not wrong, they are essential if we want to find our talent, but they may seem wrong while we do them. I was picking stones and loading them on pallets. This was physical job, well paid, just what I wanted, but being a stone-picker takes no talent, just a need for money. To be honest, while I was doing that job, I was wandering things I would never do without that job. It crafted my thoughts and directed me toward my talent in life.

3. Make a journal

Couple of months back, I read one article of how all the famous people, including Einstein, had journals. I decided to try that stunt, and I opened a secure Microsoft Word File and started to write 10 sentences every night. After a while I started to think differently, and I was more stalwart.

I was a bit confused what changed me. I started to look at the journal and my previous-day writings. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I wrote everything that I liked, and disliked, turned to be the reason I was so self-determined.

Writing stuff down, and revealing your thoughts into words, will force your mind to find what you like and dislike. It always works, and always will, so you better start a journal to discover your talent and happiness.

4. Play

What happened to grown up people? Isn’t play modern after 20ties? We forget that life is a joke, taken too serious by the people.

As a youngster, we all had the toys and soldiers, and we were crafting crotches, and gathering leaves in fall and jumping in them carelessly. We all know that jumping in those leaves can give us infection, sickness, or at least lice.

Transform that game, just a bit seriously. You have job or company. Transform that into play. Gather information’s, do projects, risk, take your chances. Without play we wouldn’t be able to find talent. Get your things, gather the leaves, and PLAY. It’s all about what makes you happy, and being selfish is one of them.

“Life is a joke, taken too serious by the people”



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