8 Ways That Prove Your Altruistic Self During Bad Times

Finding someone who will be with you during bad times is not hard. It’s almost impossible.

People get accustomed around happy and positive people, but they flew away when the positive and happy people go through difficult times.

I don’t blame them and I don’t blame that they are being selfish, because we are all selfish. But if you see the selfishness in your favor, you have to help people (especially your closed ones) during bad times if you want to see that happiness and positivity wrapped around you again.

Only when we go through difficult times we realize our true friends and reveal the ones that never were. I’ve selected 8 ways that prove your altruistic self during bad times.

1. Don’t find fulfillment from your friends bad mood

You know what I’ve realized? People are fulfilled when their friends are going through difficult times. Once they’re happy, they fall back with their mood. It’s disgusting when you see that someone drains your energy and gets satisfaction from your bad mood.

Instead of being disgusting as others, go help your friends, cheer them up whenever you can. You are surrounded with those people for all your life. It would be your advantage to make them happy and be enveloped with that happiness.

2. Compassion won’t change a thing

The reason I state that compassion won’t change a thing is because if your friend is going through difficult times, you can only KNOW what he’s going through and try to make that better. If you feel his emotions you will only share his mood and won’t be able to change a thing.

Help people, don’t try to understand why they need it (gambling and drugs are not included). Compassion is not about going through the same hard times as your beloved ones are, but sharing your happiness and help as much as you can. Don’t go too deep in the subject, just help and take some action, don’t overthink.

3. Friends with benefits

Friends are people who understand you completely. If you show your altruistic self during bad times and wait for your friend to return the favor, you are not a friend. You are doing business with your friends and that’s not even close to a happy and true friendship.

The only benefit that your friends can share is sharing help, a helping hand and positivism. Another benefit, the ones that you check on a paper and think that your friend owes you one, is not benefit. That’s business. And some pretty wealthy people say that in business there is no friendship.

4. Unfasten your seat belts

While our friends are in bad position and we need to sit with them on a table, the energy they share is negative and we all want to avoid negativity. That’s where we fasten the seat belts and dodge our meetings.

To be a truly good and altruistic person you have to see further than one meter away. If you cheer your friend, or help him in any way possible, you are going to have a positive friend that can cheer you up for a longer period of time. Even if you are selfish, you do it because you want to have someone to make you happy in the future. It’s all like a natural circle. All the good deeds will return to you just don’t count on them. They will come when you least expect. Unfasten your seat belts and risk your safety.

5. Unity

People are made to help themselves, to unite. Lot of money erodes people’s interest, and races hating each other and killing, because of a religion. It’s all made from interest, someone to profit from it. The system is made that way, to give us opinions of why should we hate the one with yellowish color, or with white or black color. No one proved that color can make someone behave in a particular way.

Help, unite and share your positivity. For what are you keeping good mood, for the grave? We all finish there. Throw your positivism, share it, and help. The world needs wiser people, and people who see things from different angle. Don’t let your beliefs make you to hate someone, we are all the same.

6. See things from your side

To have your unique point of view means to have your own side. If you see things as they are and better than they are, as Jordan Belfort states it, is the power of the oneness.

Breaking down to helping people, we have to see things better than they are for our closed ones. If we want to help or support, we have to have different mind sight to see the good in the bad.

7. You got to have a code

During bad times, we have hard struggle. I see the same struggle during my workout, which helped me a lot in my life. If you want results and shredded muscles, you have to cross the boundaries of pleasant and safe. We have to push our limits and go further than the pleasant.Life is hard; at least that’s what people say. To me, life is not hard if you have the habit to go over the boundaries and stay in that zone for a while. Being a champion in any type of sport, being the best CEO in any firm, being the best Marketing Manager in any company takes the power to go over the boundaries, to have a code.Our partners are more experienced into sharing this code. You can visit them at Life Coach Code.

8. Be harsh for your own good

It’s hell of a harsh world. Everything is cruel, unfair and evil. Be harsh for your actions and for the best of your being. Listen to your gut and stay close to it. If you see a man in the eyes, and if you see through his eyes that he’s a good man and he really need that help, do it. Don’t hesitate. The gut never lies.

And if you see that person is evil, and your gut is telling you that you shouldn’t trust that guy, and you still support him and do well for him, you will be disappointed. Always, ALWAYS when I helped a man I deeply knew that I shouldn’t, never ended up good, NEVER. Because let’s see it from your point of view, or let’s say your code. You help a man; you do it for your own good and to accumulate a better world. And that man uses that help to do bad in the surrounding and for you. That guy will do more evil and automatically you do evil. Be very precise with choosing who you help.

Being harsh in this cruel world is a must. Don’t fall on your emotions because we are all good deep inside, and never avoid your voice from your gut. It’s always like that at the end of the day. Or do it once, until you experience failure and learn from the lesson.

“People get accustomed around happy and positive people, but they flew away when the positive and happy people go through difficult times.”

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