How To Become a Kenyan Gazelle

“What happens to the Gazelle when the lion stops chasing him?”

Gazelle is lion’s pray.

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.  Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve…

The truth is, people aren’t much different than animals. We live the same life. We bring food, they hunt food. We pay bills to sustain a home and they protect their niche, sometimes with blood.

The difference is that we have rules. Without rules we are animals and that is widely known. We behave, we control ourselves, read motivational clips and videos and we endeavor peace, because if there weren’t any rules and if we didn’t have consciousness, we would kill ourselves, literally. That’s what was happening in former times when consciousness level was very low.

Why are we gazelles?

The gazelle is weak, innocent, it’s even cute. But every day, thousands of gazelles get eaten by the lions in Africa. I try to avoid being realistic, but that’s what happens to these weak, cute, and innocent animals every day. They’re grabbed by lion’s chin and get crumbled to pieces.

If we were lions, life would be easy. They are strong, kings of the jungle, genetically fit for hunting, unbelievably fast and driven by an instinct. The only thing we have same as lions is that we have an instinct, the other parts are all fitting on a gazelle.

We are born innocent, weak, and cute. When we grow up, we become pray for everyone (in a not so harsh manner). We are used to build up someone else’s dream, work for a company, do the s*it work, and literally, we help someone else feed their family. We are spending our meat (meaning we get old) and we give that meat to another person’s mouth.

As I have mentioned, it’s OK to do the s*it work in the beginning, because the only way to develop ourselves is to try new and wrong things for us. That’s the way we are going to discover our potential and “the me person that everybody talks about”.

But if the s*it work stuck, and we do dish washing for years, that’s where we get eaten by the lion. Our motivation stops, our inspiration is disabled, and the only thing left is to wash the leftovers from every plate.

That’s what happens when the gazelle is not chased by the lion. It gets lazy, bored and inattentive. Great example is the cow head story. If we don’t find something to chase us, a dream, motive or a desire, we are going to become the fattest and easiest gazelle for catching. We become a light pray, a rookie!

How to become a Kenyan gazelle?

As recently inspired by a marathon winner in my country, the Kenyans keep proving that they are the fastest world runners at the moment.

To become a Kenyan gazelle (metaphorically speaking), we have to keep pushing in one given direction. To discover that direction we must perceive in actions. all. the. time. Just find what you do with passion and keep persisting in that direction until you become the best at it!

I was curious what’s the Kenyans secret of breaking the world records and their leadership on the first places? I found that they literally live for running. They live in camps, they run uphill every day, sometimes twice, they eat healthy; they sleep as much as they need, and they stay away from stress. In fact, Kenyan runners aren’t much different than living a regular, firm-working life.

To become better than just a regular worker, we have to stay later every day, work more than 8 hours, and keep persisting in it (running uphill). That’s why the gazelle needs a motivation. The only fear we should have is the fear of the average.

The struggle is very hard. Even if we love something, and we do it with passion, we are going to face excessive difficulties. I hate to write about obvious things, but until we keep work hard, and keep persisting in that direction, we are going to succeed, and nothing less. Just sweat, tears, and even blood sometimes, until we reach that attainment. There are no shortcuts, no skipping and no alternatives. If we chose to skip, cut or avoid, we are NEVER going to succeed.

Being a gazelle is knowledge, but being a Kenyan gazelle is making actions toward a motive, desire, and a dream. Find your passion and keep persisting, nothing more and nothing less.

“What happens to the Gazelle when the lion stops chasing him?”



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