Being Selfish Is The Only Thing We Do

Why do I state that being selfish is the only thing we do? Let me exaggerate before you judge.

Since the beginning of time, people (mostly men) were hunting animals for survival and brought the prey in the community to share the food. What is selfish here?

To contribute and feel worth, and feel like we auspice to a community (family, kids, even tribes in former times) we have to work, hunt, cook, maintain momentum situation, and procreate. Who do we satisfy with all of these actions? We satisfy our being and we satisfy the people of the community or our family to make ourselves satisfied.

Even altruism is selfish. Why should we help and do people a favor if we don’t have a factor of satisfaction? We do it because we want to do it, because we are selfish to feed our soul and to be worth in this world, just like the quote I mentioned in my previous articles “Give more than you take” from this world.

I like to make people smile and always tell jokes to spread positivism. Why do you think I do that? Because I feel like I need to make people smile and make them positive. While I do them a favor, I do bigger favor to me. I need that to satisfy my own being.

Happiness is connected with being selfish

Moreover, the selfishness we should all possess connects with happiness. I would say selfishness connects “in some ways”, but I would lie to you, because it connects in all ways.

Being alive is being selfish. We waste oxygen, we waste our parents nerves (in a positive manner), we run from a fight to save our own being while we should separate the opponents. I could go really wide with this list but that’s not my point.

As I was saying, I like to make people laugh, and if you know me I’m really good at it, but I do that because I want to “feed my own brain.” Being selfish is being happy, and to avoid being selfish is being unhappy. Maybe 99% of the things you do in your whole life is to satisfy your own self, otherwise you will spend your time satisfying others and at the end of the day you will be disappointed and sorrowful.

The lecture I want my beloved readers to grasp is to be selfish. Not the I-don’t-give-a-tip selfish, but selfish to yourself. That will be the most authentic thing you’ve ever done.

First step is to analyze ourselves. I happen to think that everyone has a specific mission that needs to be fulfilled while we are alive, and sitting on our hands is not one of them. Some people like to stay quiet, some like to talk, some are optimistic, and some are pessimistic. If you analyze everyone around (let’s say in your niche) you will see that the optimist wouldn’t survive without the pessimist, or else how did the optimist know he is an optimist, right?

Everyone around us is selfish, just to satisfy their needs. If you see it this way, you will get out of the comfort zone because safe and sound isn’t going to bring food to your happiness, everyone is going to share with the surroundings (since we all want to belong somewhere) and we will be happy. We all strive for happiness and we can’t figure out that happiness is a choice, and that choice is being selfish.

If we start to think too much, and stuck up all that unrevealed thoughts, life seems so complicated and unfulfilled, and tons of wishes are waiting to be fulfilled, and tons of money are waiting to be earned, and happiness waiting to be grasped, while all the things take action of my theory of selfishness. It will always be like that. Action and perseverance will bring you everywhere, and wandering at home stacking thoughts, will bring you confusion, while you will think that life is so complicated and hard to live.

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“All I have to say is: stay hungry, stay foolish, and stay selfish”



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