Finding Comfort During Harsh Times

We have a lifetime to achieve our vision and yet the bigger slice of the pie is buried 2 meters under along with their dreams. It’s harsh, but that’s the reality.

We can know all the things in the world and still leave it in a sad way. To me sad is when someone dies unspoken. The ones who fulfilled their vision can leave this world and live happily ever after. But the ones who never seem to take action and share their vision with this world are the ones for shedding tears.

We connect with people, we share our energy with them, we strive for money, power, respect, attention, happiness or peace. Everyone is different and unique. We can’t say what’s wrong or what’s right for the person sitting next to us, but we can help them speak their vision. Don’t ever let your close ones leave this world unspoken, and I don’t even want to mention YOU leaving this world unspoken.

I will explain why finding comfort during harsh times is the solution for successful and happy life.

1. Comfort in the discomfort

What is comfort? Comfort is the state where we find pleasure. The way most people are wrong in the case of comfort is when they find comfort in the comfort, or comfort in the comfort zone. That’s the toxic comfort. If we are in that phase long enough to find comfortable comfort in the comfort, we will end up in the bigger slice of the pie, the unspoken ones. It’s kind of “Evil Comfortception.

On the other side, the good comfort is the one where we find comfort in the dis-comfort. The phase where we are prepared to take s*it load of problems and ready to overcome every obstacle in our way.

How can we achieve that phase? Well, that’s more of a state and a habit than a phase, but if we stay long enough in the habit, it can become a lifetime phase.

My personal example is when I was preparing myself for a kickboxing match, marathon and a hiking contest. It all began in the training and it all stayed in the training. The more blood and sweat in training, the less blood and sweat in the contest.

The phase where we find comfort in the discomfort is the phase where we grow as a character and where we expand our limits.

Now in this exact moment, I hate to write this article and I still continue writing it. When I read the article in the end, knowing that it might help one person in this world, I know I did a good thing during my harsh time. Because I know tomorrow will be a good day and when everything feels good I don’t have to worry about anything.

When I ran the 26 miles journey, in the 20th mile I got in a phase where I “Hit The Wall”. Even though my body couldn’t continue running, I couldn’t even think about stopping, because I had bigger motive to finish it than to keep myself healthy. I had a tremendous desire to finish that marathon and I even wanted to risk my life for it.

It would be really healthier if I stopped in the 20th mile, but that’s where my vision gets caged. No one could ever express themselves if they didn’t take the sacrifice, either their health or their money.

If we can get in the phase of finding comfort during harsh times, we can become champions, SUPERHUMANS. My logo is to become a superhuman, and becoming one is the exact thing I am writing about today. It’s about doing what you’ve always wanted to do, even if you don’t want to do it when you do it. It’s kind of mindf*ck, right?

I don’t want it to be complicated, but I want to make it as simple as possible. GROW YOURSELF DURING HARSH TIMES AND FIND COMFORT IN IT. There is no other way around it. No one would ever be successful or happy if they didn’t find pleasure in the dis-comfort.

You can solve one problem now, and you can solve one later, but that’s a never-ending cycle, and people continue to think that they may end someday. No they won’t end, never.

Think about it. You are a soul, controlling a body, on a mission to solve problems every day and fulfill your vision in your lifetime. That’s all of it. If you break that sentence in smaller particles, you will see that it’s all up to you and no one else. We just use one another to get satisfaction, while in the end, all that matters is you. It’s about the code of selfishness. That’s one of my best self-revelations.

I don’t have anything more to say, but to say the same thing in another way, which I am not planning to do. Do more, cage out, find comfort in the discomfort, and join the list of happy and successful people.


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