Short Story Big

Short story big, you must be confused by the headline. What is it all about? Is it bad story, or one of those “one guy donated his heart to his girlfriend” types of stories?

Neither of it.

It’s about a guy who was so confused, lost in this world, looking for his purpose, the purpose of life, the overall control, choosing between the power and the freedom, the greed and the compassion, the lion and the sheep.

It’s all about choice. The choice you make today, reflects “the me person” tomorrow and “The Me Person” in the future. Either you chose to help, or you chose to hurt, will reflect your destiny tomorrow, or in the future.

The Mirror

Do you see yourself in the mirror and see better person than you see on the cameras after you take a picture? It is because we are made to be authentic, lost in this world, looking for our purpose of life. We make bad decisions or good decision that will develop “The You Person” today. Don’t force yourselves to show how great your looks are. The beauty that shines is the presence of your energy, the actions you chose to make in front of people, or the good deeds you chose to make behind the curtains.

I’ve been penetrated in a conflict of “how are you a life coach if you are 22 years old?” Let me tell you the story. I become an uncle few months back. I can learn more from my beautiful nephew that is 6 months old, than from all the books in the world. She is so innocent that every next action she creates will reflect her mirror. When she is sad she cries, when she is happy she smiles, when she wants something she gets it, and when she wants to eat she grab her mother breasts, as simple as that.

What did I learn so special? That life is so simple when you do what you want. When you force your actions and stiff your un-revealed thoughts, you get in trouble. That’s when “The You Person” becomes poisoned. The further the poison lurks inside your brain and body, the harder you will draw it out.

As I said, IT IS SIMPLE! As Jordan Belfort says: “When you have something inside you that you are passionate about you should know 3 things: IT IS EASY, IT WORKS, YOU CAN DO IT”. Sometimes we complicate things because we are so afraid that it is really easy, and poison our soul, while the things we want are one step further.

If you want that breast grab it, if you want that toy get it, and if you are happy, smile all the time (you get my metaphor). There must be “you”, and your impact in this world, change for better. The world needs you, we need you!

See you in two days folks; I hope I inspired some of you to take some action. Farewell!


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